Top 5 Things to do to Prepare for Your Makeup Trial!

March 20, 2019

3 minutes Read

5 Things to do to prepare for your Makeup Trial

Your trial is your chance to get to know your artist, its where you may meet them for the first time. This is your chance to trial the products used and your chance to get organised for the big day!


Do some research before going in - I am not talking homework level here but just have a browse at looks so you can articulate what you want and maybe what you don’t.

Bring a picture to your trial if you think it will help you to communicate what you want and don't want however be open to the fact that it will look different on you as it depends on your face shape and lots of other factors.


If you are definitely going to wear tan on your wedding day, make sure that you also wear some to the trial. It doesn't mean that you have to waste your spray tan trial on a day you're having your makeup trial done, but just popping on some instant tan or tan you know how to apply at home will help to bring you up to the colour you're going to be. It doesn't matter if your tan turns out differently as your makeup artist will match you up on the day regardless, but it does mean you will get a better feel for the makeup, and being porcelain vs being a little tanned does make a big difference to the tone of makeup. 



If you are going to have a specific treatment in brows its no harm to have this done before the trial. Your artist can see if your skin is rejecting makeup after waxing or if you need more days clearance between getting them done and the big day. Its just help that they can offer.


Although your artist will make you feel amazing, chances are she wont be sticking around all day and there will be touch ups needed. Make sure you get a list of products used on you at the trials you can decide what to take with you on the day. I personally always send a bridal doc to my brides which also highlights the common top up products that they might want to get. You can read my blog on top up products here!

Schedule of the day;

You may be surprised by how much or little time your artist needs on the morning of so have a conversation with her at the trial about this, Whether you're leaving your house at a certain time to make it to the ceremony, or whether you're doing it all on site or perhaps you're doing a first look which means you need to be ready a lot earlier.

Talk this through so you and your artist will both have an idea of what the timings will look like - this will make you feel more relaxed and it will give you an idea of how the morning is going to look. It also helps when you're speaking to other suppliers about it because chances are it'll be your first time doing the morning of and you may be relying on them guide you.

The last thing you want to do is stress yourself out on the morning so just have a time in mind to help guide the rest of your day! 


Lots of love, 

Aimee xx