The Ultimate Mascara Do's & Don'ts

It’s been a long time coming, but we are so excited to say that it’s finally here! 

We have heard your requests, read every DM and we now have ‘the only one you’ll ever need’.. 

Introducing, MyMascara

This is our Ultra Black & nourishing mascara, designed for those who want both that high volume lash AND maximum length! It’s rare to find a mascara that does both, but we think we may have done it! This formula suits all lash types and we have trialed it on many before making it available to you. 
MyMascara lengthens, volumises, conditions with pro-vitamin B5, and easily grabs onto every lash from root to tip with its unique curved wand. It’s long-lasting, vegan and cruelty-free and available now from and all your favourite stores, Boots, Dunnes Stores, Shaws Department Stores, Cloud10 Beauty & pharmacies nationwide. 

Most people tend to just wack on mascara without even thinking about it, but if you stop to consider the Do’s & Don’ts of mascara, you might just find that there is actually a right and a wrong way of doing it to get the maximum benefits from it! 
Let us help... 

DO- always start at the root of the lash 
Instead of just layering MyMascara on the tips of your lashes, you will end up with a much more volumised and lengthened effect if you really focus the product into the root of the lashes. Start by placing the wand at the root of the lashes and work through in a zig- zag motion until you reach the tips of the lashes. This will allow you to coat every single lash and get that Ultra Black effect. 

DON’T - forget about your bottom lashes 
For many reasons, people tend to skip this part, but it makes such a difference to the overall look. Adding a small amount of product onto the bottom lashes ensures the eyes look balanced and complete. Try holding the wand vertically and coating the bottom lashes using just the tip of the wand for an even easier application. 

DO use your finger to take away excess 
With your ring finger, run over the ends of the lashes to take away any excess product. This works especially well for the bottom lashes. Why? Well, when you remove the excess, you are basically removing any formula that hasn’t worked its way through your lashes and is therefore just sitting on top waiting to transfer. This is one of our top tips for avoiding panda eyes. Catch it before it can transfer and save yourself the hassle. 

DON’T rub mascara when it’s wet
Speaking of Panda eyes, you know when you’re just finishing off your last coat and BOOM, you ended up getting mascara on your eyelid, on your nose, on your cheek and pretty much all over your face?  JUST LET IT DRY! When you rub mascara on the skin and it’s still wet, it can become incredibly hard to remove, leaving black smudginess and shadows on the face that warrant you removing some of your base makeup to go back and reapply. If you just let the little error dry in for a minute or two,  you can simply take a cotton bud, a spoolie (or your nail-no judgment here) and flick the mascara off. No joke, it’s kind of like magic the way it just comes off and leaves no stain behind, If you’ve never tried this before, prepare to be amazed! 
DO- allow to dry in between coats 
We must warn you that if you like to apply more than one coat, then the best way to do that is to let your mascara dry after each coat before going in with another. What happens is, if mascara is too wet and you try to add more and more formula on top, instead of creating that beautiful, defined lash look we are all after, you’ll end up with clumpy hard to seperate lashes. Think sticky spider legs! And if you just allow it to dry for a minute in between, the second coat should glide on as easily as the first. 

DON’T forget about the under-eye area 
You also need to consider the entire under-eye area, not just the lashes. If you have naturally oily skin, or if you like to wear a hydrating, more dewy finish under eye concealer, then this can actually attract mascara onto your skin because of the moisture. This may be why you notice smudging or transfer happens as the day goes on. To counteract this smudginess and prevent it from happening, all you need to do is set with a little bit of powder. We recommend using Velvet Veil on a small fluffy brush to set your under-eye concealer in place (we say under eye, but go ahead and powder under the brow bone too to be extra safe). 

DO your eye makeup first 
While we are considering the entire eye area, we need to mention that you should always do your eye makeup first, before applying mascara. This just prevents any shadows falling down onto your lashes that may give them that dusty ‘unfinished’ look, and it can be a little difficult to try and apply eyeliner over mascara without your new fluttery lashesbeing compromised.  By adding mascara as your last eye step, you are ensuring you get maximum definition around the lash-line. 

DON’T pump the mascara bottle
Why did we ever think doing this was a helpful thing? Please, as much as the habit might be instilled into your system since the first time you ever used mascara, try not to pump the bottle. Instead of loading it up, ensuring the whole brush is covered or whatever reason it was that people decided this was helpful for, you are actually just creating air inside your mascara bottle that will do nothing but ensure you need to buy a new one pretty quickly. The pumping air around dries mascara out and leaves it clumpy and tacky and not such a dream to apply. 

DO- consider the expiry date
And lastly, pay attention to the mascara expiry date. This is one that gets overlooked A LOT! On every beauty product you buy, you should notice a little tin icon that says either 6M, 12M or 24M inside. This means that that product is good for 6 months (6M=6months, 12M= 12 months) after opening. Just be mindful it is after opening, not purchasing as we know a lot of you like to bulk buy and stock up on your favourite products. 
And while we are talking about expiry dates, never forget about ReSculpted, our environmental initiative to recycle product packaging carefully with Terracycle. You return 5 empties to us and we reward you with 200 Sculpted reward points to spend online. It couldn't be any easier. 
We can’t wait to see what MyMascara looks like on your lashes, although we’re pretty confident in promising you that it’s going to look AMAZING! 

Send us your looks by tagging us on @ sculptedbyaimee and using the hashtags #mymascara and #filterfreefaces! 
Lots of Love, 
Aimee & Team xx

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