Top Tips For Applying Lip Liner

February 17, 2019

2 minutes Read

Top Tips For Applying Lip Liner

Hello everyone,

Happy Valentine's Week! We're all about Loving Yourself this Valentine's and there's no better time to get your pout on, whether it's for date night or girls night!

Taking inspiration from our own Lip Quads I wanted to share some top tips on applying lip liner as I sometimes find people are a little scared and think they will end up looking like the full on 90's trend - all liner and no filling - definitely not the case and anyone that knows me will know how obsessed I am with liner!!

Here are a few of my top tips to perfecting your pout:

Firstly the before picture where the lips have no liner, balm, gloss nothing!

For a fuller pout line just outside the natural lip line. We all have a faint white line and this is what we can follow - anything outside of this faint white line would look too unnatural but I'm all over being a bit generous to myself :)

This picture shows one half overdrawn and one without lip liner. I'm using shade Rose from the Pink Lip Quad.

To help your colour stay in place longer continue by using a lighter lip liner to fill in the sides and centre of the lip. This also gives a cute ombre effect without looking harsh! I've used shade Blush from the Pink Quad to do this.

  • Next, up fill in your lips with a lighter lipstick or just some balm. Smaller amounts of product will give a bigger effect and also give your lips some texture! Pairing a darker lip liner with a lighter lipstick is probably the easiest trick of the trade when it comes to maximising your lips!

  • To help your lip colour last all day apply your favourite lip liner all over the lips. This acts as a primer and the lip stained effect will last you through morning till night! It's a great way to create a real statement lip that won't budge!

  • Lastly, don't forget to pop your pout by tapping a little Sculpted Cream or Powder Highlighter onto the cupids bow and/ or applying some gloss for a more iridescent sheen and away you go :)

  • Just to note:

    Prep your lips by exfoliating with some sugar and a damp facecloth and follow this with some balm to really nourish the lips.

    When applying lip liner do so in light feather-like strokes, as your lip falls naturally. This will create a soft and natural lip shape rather than being a harsh line.

    Always make sure your lip liner is sharp - or try our Sculpted Lip Quads which you will never need to worry about sharpening! Just Click, Twist and Pout!!

    Lot's of Love,

    Aimee xx