A silky smooth serum that delivers deep hydration for  luminous, plump skin. Our first ever skincare product is the perfect pre-makeup prep and is packed with active ingredients that dramatically boost skin health.
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Skin HydraGlo

₡ 17.700,00

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HydraGlo Refill
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Skin HydraGlo Refill

₡ 15.300,00

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HydraGlo Mini
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Skin HydraGlo Mini

₡ 10.600,00

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Travel Trio
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Skin Travel Trio

₡ 100.700,00

₡ 20.600,00

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Skincare Routine Refill
SAVE 25%
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Skin Skincare Routine Refill

₡ 51.800,00

₡ 38.900,00

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The Sculpted Skincare Routine
SAVE 30%
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Skin The Sculpted Skincare Routine

₡ 59.500,00

₡ 41.700,00

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Just Landed DuoCleanseSHOP NOW
<p>Discover your DuoCleanse (Routine)</p>
<p>Discover your DuoCleanse (Routine)</p>

Discover your DuoCleanse Routine

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<p>Discover your DuoCleanse (Routine)</p>

Sculpted by you

Everyone, glowing, together.

Sculpted by Aimee is all about multi-purpose hero products that literally anyone can use. Brilliant basics that help you feel like your best self in minutes.