Aimee's Top Tips for Bronze Base

September 30, 2020

2 minutes Read

Aimee's Top Tips for Bronze Base

Bronze Base is one of Aimee’s beloved Sculpted products and is a real OG to the Sculpted Family.

We’ve sat down with Aimee to discuss her top three reasons why she loves Bronze Base and why it is such a staple piece in her makeup collection.


1. For That Effortless Bronze Glow

Aimee’s first reason why she loves Bronze Base is because it gives her a bronzed glow that absolutely no other bronzer can give. It allows you to match your face to your neck without needing actual foundation ands implies the whole tanning process. 

Aimee loves to apply her Bronze Base with her mini buffer brush onto a freshly washed face. We recommend that you mix your Bronze Base in with your moisturizer if you prefer a more natural result! The thing that makes Aimee love Bronze Base so much is that it’s fast absorbing, streak free and gives off no fake tan smell which is perfect especially for your face.

2. To Help Combat Redness

Another reason why Aimee loves Bronze Base so much is because it helps to combat redness! She ‘genuinely feels like she is not as red after running when she wears it (direct quote from the lady herself!). 

Bronze Base generally lasts Aimee 3-4 days and will last through your sweat so your tan will not flake and it wears away very evenly. So whether you do a 10k run in the evenings like Aimee or simply like to laze around, Bronze Base will last through anything.

3. It Helps With Makeup Longevity 

Aimee says:

“I don’t know I feel like it just acts like a holding layer and my makeup never slips off when I wear it!”

We totally agree with her on this one. Bronze Base adds that extra bit of emphasis to your makeup look and gives such a boost to your foundation. We love it for evening out your skin tone and adding a bit more of a bronzy glow to your skin.

And there you have it- Our girl boss’s reasons why she absolutely adores our beloved Bronze Base facial tan. It’s such a necessity in anyone’s makeup collection because it’s non-comedogenic so it won’t clog your pores or cause any breakouts.

It’s packed with loads of hyaluronic acid for skin goodness and of course, it is vegan & cruelty free. The Sculpted Team absolutely love Bronze Base and we hope you do too.

Have you any Bronze Base application tips you would like to share with us?

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Lots of love,

Aimee & Team Sculpted xx