How to beat the January Skin Blues

January 17, 2022

5 minutes Read

How to beat the January Skin Blues

Everyone gets the January Blues - the Christmas decorations come down, everyone heads back to work, our televisions are flooded with images of the fit and lean getting their sweat on in the gym, whilst most of us are proud of ourselves if we manage to drag ourselves out of bed into the cold, crisp air to get ready for work. January is a challenge, however with a can-do attitude and some little innovations, you can breeze through January with the appearance of ease, looking fresh as a daisy. We know just how to put some pep in your step and some colour in your cheeks. Bring on the makeup! 

Beauty Base: 

From constantly going between hot and cold in your house and in the arctic outdoors and the harsh wind pounding on your skin, not to mention the UV rays that are ever prescient, even in the depths of winter, January is not the kindest month when it comes to your skin. These elemental factors can leave your skin looking and feeling dry, dull and sore. In these times of need, you require an ultra-hydrating formula that also has a SPF and wouldn’t it be amazing if it made you look fab as well? Look no further than our Beauty Base. This 3 in 1 primer not only helps your makeup to last longer, but it also protects the skin with SPF30 and leaves a gorgeous glowing finish on the skin. We’ve created Beauty Base in 3 different variations:

Original- leaves a gorgeous golden glow, Pearl- the most subtle of the three, leaves a soft pearly glow and our newest addition, Rose Golden- which leaves the skin with a warm champagne glow.  

Complete Cover Up: 

Our bodies really are amazing. When our skin gets all dry and itchy during the cold harsh winter, our skin naturally produces oil to help soothe and hydrate our skin. Unfortunately, our skin doesn’t exactly know when enough is enough, therefore we are all more prone to breakouts during this time. That’s where our creamy complete cover up concealer comes to the rescue! Our high-coverage concealer is perfect for masking those pesky pimples and with it’s oil-free, mineral formula it does the trick while letting your skin breath. Complete Cover Up is semi-matte and it can be used under or over your foundation for extra coverage or  on it’s own to even out the skin tone. 

Brighten Up: 

Have you had a late January night binging Emily in Paris and eating the last of the Christmas chocolates? Have you been up all night trying to finish that last assignment before the new semester starts? Dark undereye bags giving you the January Blues? Make sure to cover up a multitude of sins with our Brighten Up undereye concealer. Our lightweight formula is designed to hide even the latest of late night and vanish Monday morning eye bags with just one swipe. This dewy set finish under-eye saviour not only adds healthy mineral coverage, but it also contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate and niacinamide to nourish and brighten the under-eye area. 

Brighten Up is now available in 16 gorgeous shades and we recommend choosing one that is 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation shade for the ultimate bright eyes experience! 



Second Skin: 

Is your skin so oily that your makeup simply slides off your face as the day goes on? Or are you prone to dry, itchy patches of skin that are easily irritated? Have no fear, Second Skin is here! Our award-winning mineral foundation comes in both a dewy and matte finish, so no doubt you’ll find the one to suit you. Second Skin foundation has all the Good-For-You ingredients you have learned to expect from us, with built in SPF 50 and a bunch of kick-ass ingredients such as hydrating hyaluronic acid and Collagen, to provide skin reviving and anti aging benefits. A medium buildable coverage means you can choose to wear a light layer for everyday coverage or build it up using more product for high coverage. (We love to pair Second Skin & Complete Cover Up for a full glam base) 

Second Skin is now being extended to a whopping 30 shades in a range of neutral, cool & warm undertones to suit every skin tone. If you need help matching your perfect shade, there are SO many ways we can help. Try our Virtual Try On tool on our website, here you can try on the shades through your phone to see which one suits you best. You can also pop your current foundation shades into and they’ll do the shade match for you. If you still aren’t quite sure, we also offer a complimentary Virtual shade matching consultation where you can meet the team through a 10 minute video call to be matched to your perfect shade. And if all else fails, send us a DM on Instagram @sculptedbyaimee and our team will be more than happy to help you find your perfect match! 



Cream Luxe Range: 

Finally, if you are always dismayed at the crumbles of your powder bronzer, blush and highlight at the bottom of your bag, then our Cream Luxe range is bound to kick those January Blues for you. Each rose gold compact is complete with a mirror for those effortless on-the-go touch ups and they fit perfectly into your handbag. Our range consists of 2 cream bronzers (light/medium and medium/dark), 2 cream blushes (Pink Supreme and Peach Pop) and 2 cream highlighters (Pearl Pop and Champagne Cream). Choose your favourites based on your skin tone. 

Not sure where to start? Well, when you can’t bring yourself to get your sweat on to get those cheeks nice and rosy, pop on some Cream Luxe Blush. But don’t stop just there, you can bring your whole face to life by adding the same cream luxe shade from your cheeks, to your eyes & lips too. You’ll end up with a natural, effortless chic makeup look that can be dressed up for any occasion. 

Pink Supreme is perfect for those of us that love a classic rosy cheek and it leaves a dewy finish on the skin, whereas our incredibly popular Peach Pop is ideal for those who love peachy tones or for those who still want to wear blush, but may be a little conscious of their already gorgeous, naturally flushed cheeks, and this one leaves a semi-matte finish on the skin so that us oily skins can still wear cream products. 



So what Sculpted product is pulling you out of your January funk? Let us know on Instagram @sculptedbyaimee. And as always, keep tagging us in your gorgeous Sculpted looks - we love seeing them! 


Lots of Love, 

Aimee and Team xx