The Benefits of Mineral Makeup

October 08, 2020

2 minutes Read

The Benefits of Mineral Makeup

We all know that mineral makeup has become a huge trend nowadays and the change from conventional makeup comes as no surprise! Mineral makeup can help your skin to appear a lot better and improve your overall complexion, that’s why we love our Second Skin Foundation and brand new Brighten Up and Complete Cover Up Concealers!


Let’s take a look at the top reasons why us Sculpted gals are a big fan of Mineral Makeup!

1. No Clogged Pores= Healthier Skin!

Mineral Makeup is the right makeup for a much clearer complexion. It’s non-comedogenic, so it adheres to the natural oils in the skin and doesn’t seep into your pores which won’t cause you any breakouts! 

2.Built in SPF

We love mineral makeup as it has a built in SPF to keep you protected throughout the day. Our Second Skin Foundation has SPF 50 so it’s the perfect product to wear throughout the day to keep your skin protected and perfected. 

(Also- Second Skin does not have any flashback!).


3.Sensitive Skin Approved

Mineral Makeup is fantastic for anyone who suffers from sensitive or problematic skin and any other skin type can also use it. Thanks to mineral makeup, it contains calming ingredients that allows the skin to breathe. It’s free from artificial colours, oils, perfumes and preservatives so you won’t have to worry about your skin reacting. Why not try either of our Brighten Up and Complete Cover Up Concealers? They’re a must in our makeup collection!

4.True Pigment & Long Lasting

Mineral Makeup also offers much better coverage in comparison to other products. In order to build a heavier base on the skin, conventional cosmetics use talc as a bulking agent, which results in less pigmentation. Mineral makeup, meanwhile, excludes talc and provides a much more pigmented and natural finish, so nothing will budge throughout the day! 

These 4 simple but effective reasons are why we love to use mineral makeup in our Sculpted Products.

Have you tried our Second Skin and new Concealers yet?

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