How To 'Cover Up!'

March 12, 2021

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How To 'Cover Up!'


We wanted to run through some of the benefits of our Complete Cover Up concealer. This little pot of magic is the perfect handbag accessory for quick touch ups on the go but it is also a key player in helping to blend, blur and perfect any areas you're conscious of.

We’re all about enhancing rather than masking and our oil-free, mineral cream concealer does exactly that. Use Complete Cover Up to add coverage to areas such as redness, blemishes, scars or pigmentation for a soft focus matte finish that blends seamlessly with your foundation. 

Why we love it; 

  • Airbrushed Finish
  • Stays Put All Day Long
  • Conceals Blemishes, Redness & Scarring
  • Blends Perfectly into the Skin 
  • Mineral, Lightweight and Oil-Free
  • 9 shades currently available, with additional shades coming soon! 

    We invited some of our gorgeous followers in (while we were allowed of course) to try out our Complete Cover Up Concealer and Second Skin to show how these work in tandem to enhance the skin and conceal any areas of concern. 


    We began by applying Beauty Base Pearl to prep the skin for makeup and of course protect from UVA & UVB rays. We then went in with the smaller concealing end our Beauty Buffer Complexion Brush and applied Complete Cover up to any areas of redness. Karen has rosacea and finds it very hard to conceal, until she discovered Complete Cover Up! Check out the results for yourself - Beautiful Before & Beautiful After! 

    We then built on this using Second Skin Dewy which is ideal for dry or dehydrated skin. With medium, buildable coverage this is perfect for a radiant and dewy finish, and of course, it allows the skin to breathe which is a win win! 



    We also had the gorgeous Hayley join us. Hayley suffers with breakouts and while her skin wasn't sore, it was quite red to begin. As with Karen, we primed the skin with Beauty Base Pearl and then used Complete Cover Up to help blur any imperfections on the skin. 


    What we adore about this concealer is that it is oil free and completely mineral in formula so you're not going to clog the pores by wearing it. Just pop it on using a brush or dab it on with your ring finger for a soft focus matte finish. 


    We finished off Hayley's look using Second Skin Matte as this one is completely oil free and has soothing elements like Aloe Vera and Lavender which calm the skin.


    And here's what some of you have to say! 

    "Amazing - Such an amazing product. Perfect addition to the Sculpted Family. Excellent coverage and goes on like a dream" 

    "Actually Amazing - I was skeptical about ‘complete’ coverage but this stuff actually does what it says on the jar! Complete coverage and doesn’t go dry and flaky. I used the technique to push the product on with a small brush for a great finish" 

    "Acne Scars Be Gone - This is a jar of magic for me, I've very bad scarring from acne and with this product their completely faded out" 


    We'd love to hear from you! What other 'How To' content would you like to see? 

    Let us know!

    Love Aimee & Team xx