The Ultimate Guide to Double Cleansing

March 28, 2024

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The Ultimate Guide to Double Cleansing

The Ultimate Guide to Double Cleansing

By Philippa Pearne

The 101 on double cleansing

When it comes to your skin, maintaining a simple yet effective skincare regime is key to keeping it happy and healthy. So, we want to tell you all about a technique that helps achieve peak skin-happiness for everyone - the double cleanse. 

This method means just how it sounds – to cleanse, twice! But what are the benefits of double cleansing? How often should you do it and when? And how can you spot a double cleansing myth? Here, we’ve got everything you need to know about how to double cleanse your face, whatever your skin type. And why making yours a double will provide you with some serious skin perks. 

What is double cleansing?

Put simply, it’s when you cleanse your skin with two cleansers, one after the other, to take your cleansing regime up a notch. 

‘Whilst it feels relatively new, skin experts worldwide have been using this technique for decades, especially during a facial,” explains skin expert and industry consultant, Fiona Brackenbury. “This technique is used so the skin is prepped and ready to receive the benefits of the facial.” 

The first cleanse is to remove surface residue like makeup. “Think of it as your universal cleanse,” Fiona says. “It’s for everybody and essentially aids the removal of the day, including your makeup and SPF.”

The second cleanse helps to target specific skin concerns like an uneven skin tone, dark spots and dullness. 

“Think of your second cleanse as more personalised to your skin type and skin condition,” Fiona adds. “It allows you to cleanse that bit deeper and help start to address your concerns.” 

So, it’s official then. Double cleansing is basically a no brainer.

What are the benefits of double cleansing?

Imagine how your skin feels after a single cleanse – velvety soft, smooth in texture and oh-so fresh. Now double it. Not only does a double cleanse make your skin look extra glowy and feel more even, but it’s also left twice as clean. This means it is joyfully free of things like makeup, oil, sweat, bacteria and SPF. 

And because a cleaner complexion allows your other skincare products and ingredients to penetrate into the skin more efficiently, doing a double cleanse allows your skin to reap the benefits from the inside out too. 

Try HydraGlo, CloudCreamTM and Hydrate & Hold after your double cleanse and we bet your skin will never have felt or looked better! 

What should you use to double cleanse your skin?

Forget trying to find two separate cleansers that work together. Because let’s be real, who has the time or money for that? At Sculpted we like to make things really simple, so our DuoCleanse range includes three 2-step cleansers. 

Yep, we’re all about making life just that little bit easier. Each bottle has a gentle base cleanser on one side, and a targeted formula cleanser on the other to tackle your skin concerns. And we don’t mind admitting, it’s a little slice of genius. 

“The addition of active ingredients in our DuoCleanse variants – such as vitamin C, glycolic and salicylic acid – allows you to pick the formula that best suits your skin type and concerns,” explains Aimee. 

“I’m always on the go, so we’ve made sure DuoCleanse is super simple to use by combining two formulas in one component. It’s cleansing, Sculpted style!” What can we say? It just makes sense.

The DuoCleanse Range

Cleanse & Brighten

Here, our hydrating Gentle Cleanser is teamed with our glow-boosting, vitamin C-packed Brightening Cleanser, aimed to brighten the skin and improve the look of dark spots and your skin’s overall texture. 

It’s ideal for normal to oily skin types needing a big ol’ boost and it’s even suitable for sensitive skin too.

Cleanse & Exfoliate

The targeted formula in this cleansing system is our Exfoliating Cleanser which contains AHAs and BHAs. Once you’ve used the Gentle Cleanser, these mild skin buffing acids help to add a gorgeous glow to your skin, renew its surface and encourage cell turnover. And look out blackheads! 

Because it makes a beeline for them too. Suitable for most skin types, particularly balanced, oily, combination and dry skin, it works wonders in the confidence department. 

Cleanse & Clarify

Our final DuoCleanse product contains the same Gentle Cleanser, along with our Clarifying Cleanser, powered by 2% salicylic acid. This cleverly targets blemishes and blocked pores, reducing the appearance of blackheads, preventing future breakouts and calming existing ones. 

Oily, congested or blemish-prone skin types will love how it helps to clarify their complexion and provide an overall feeling of skin harmony.


How To Double Cleanse

Get ‘Un-Ready’ With Me, by Aimee

  1. PREP: To get ready for my double cleanse, first I put on our headband to avoid any oil or dirt from my hair touching my skin. I also like to wear our brilliant cuffs to stop any water from dripping down my arms as I cleanse. These are genius for avoiding cold, soggy sleeves later!
  2. CLEANSE NO.1: I use the DuoCleanse Cleanse & Brighten system. First, I apply the Gentle Cleanser with my hands, massaging it into my skin in circular motions, making sure I reach every nook and corner of my face. 
  3. RINSE: I then wash it off with warm water, using our fabulous pink cleansing cloths which really help to remove every trace of cleanser.
  4. DRY: Next, I pat my skin gently with a towel, instead of rubbing it. Patting dry means my skin goes through zero trauma and it is then nicely prepped for my second cleanse. 
  5. CLEANSE NO.2: I will then repeat the first cleanse step, only this time using the second step cleanser from DuoCleanse Cleanse & Brighten. 
  6. PAMPER: After patting my skin dry again, I will reach for one of our Hydration Heroes Sheet Masks which helps to keep my skin supple and dewy. I leave it on for around 20 minutes (this is when I lie down and relax!) before removing it, then I let any excess product absorb into my skin. 
  7. HYDRATE: Next up is our HydraGlo Hydrating Serum which leaves my skin luminous and visibly plumped. Warm a pea-sized blob between your fingers first then slowly massage it into your skin until it is almost completely absorbed (and just wait for the compliments about your skin tomorrow!)
  8. NOURISH: Finally, I apply our Cloud Cream which is as light as a fluffy cloud and packed full of ceramides for a stronger, hydrated complexion.       

The 4 Most Common Double Cleansing Myths

  1. A single cleanse is enough to remove makeup. It’s all very well doing one cleanse when there wasn’t much on your skin to take off in the first place. But performing a double cleanse will do a much more thorough job of removing stubborn things like makeup and SPF. “Washing your skin with one cleanser can be sufficient if you’re bare faced and in a rush,” explains Aimee. “However, to properly remove all residual makeup and impurities, I recommend double cleansing in the evening.”
  2. You should always use an oil-based cleanser first. Says who?! The DuoCleanse Gentle Cleanser, for your first cleanse, is water-based and provides a hydrating, kind-to-skin approach to cleansing whilst perfectly prepping your skin for your second cleanse.“Water-based cleansers bring huge benefits to the skin, bringing instant comfort and hydration whilst conditioning, respecting the skin barrier and instantly softening and smoothing the skin,” says Fiona.
  3. A makeup wipe will suffice as your first cleanse. Wrong! “I’m so ashamed to say I was someone who used makeup wipes for about three years,” says Aimee. “I’ve since learned they are bad for the environment and don’t properly cleanse your skin, so I stay away from them and opt for DuoCleanse.”
  4. You should only double cleanse at night. In our recent Dirty Skincare Report, 41.2% of our responders said they wear makeup most days, 37.9% said they wear makeup when they exercise and 69.7% said they wear SPF every day. This shows that a large portion of people typically need a more thorough cleanse at the end of the day when they have been sweating or wearing makeup and SPF. “After all, products like foundation and sunscreen are designed to stay on the skin so a double cleanse in the evening will indeed help to remove them completely,” [says Aimee]. However, one of the many good things about DuoCleanse is that, depending on your skin type, Cleanse & Brighten can be used both morning and night, along with Cleanse & Clarify, when used properly. “We recommend using Cleanse & Clarify morning and evening gradually,” [says Aimee]. “Start with every second or third night and work up to a routine that suits your skin.” 
  5. There are different cleansing rules for different skin tones. Actually, double cleansing is universally beneficial, particularly if you use DuoCleanse. “All skin tones should and could double cleanse,” Fiona says. “This step is imperative if you are wearing makeup and/or SPF, regardless of skin tone.”

3 hacks for an even better double cleanse

  1. Start as you mean to go on: “Always make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before cleansing the face,” says Fiona.
  2. Take your time: “When cleansing the skin, allow 60 seconds for each cleanse to truly clean the skin effectively.”
  3. Turn down the heat: “When removing cleanser, always avoid hot water as this can cause dehydration and sensitivity,” she adds.


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