Team Sculpted's Monthly Faves

May 20, 2022

4 minutes Read

Team Sculpted's Monthly Faves

With a long list of launches here at Sculpted it can be hard to keep track of who's using and loving what, so we checked in with some of the team to see what their current favourites of the month are!

Are their makeup bags filled with the latest launches or are they staying loyal to the OGs? Let's find out!

We caught up with Aimee first to check in with her on what her current top three Sculpted products were and why!


“I love these three for a glow, lightweight finish, and the perfect summer pink on the cheeks and lips”

The combination of these three products make for the perfect effortless, glowy, lightweight look, perfect for on the go and definitely perfect for Aimee’s busy lifestyle! Tint & Glow will provide you with a gorgeous light layer of coverage to even out the skin tone, a radiant glow, and SPF 30 protection! Learn more about Tint & Glow here! Then you can add a pop of colour back into the skin with your Cream Luxe Blush, these will add a beautiful pop of colour and give a fresh, youthful look, and they can be used on the lips too to tie the look together! Worried about shine or oil? Worry no more, Velvet Veil Mini is the answer, a pressed version of our beloved loose powder, in a mini compact with a mirror perfect for touch ups on the go!

Next we asked Marina, our Brand Manager, what her top Sculpted picks of the month were! 

Marina chose Bronze Base Light/Medium, Second Skin Matte Light 3.0 and Brighten Up Beige.
“I adore these 3 products to help even out my skin in a healthy, breathable way!”

There's no question as to why Marina chose these products if she's looking to even out her skin tone in a breathable way! Bronze Base is a great base to give the skin a flawless, natural glow, while evening out the skin tone with its non-comedogenic formula ( this means it won't clog your pores! ) check out our Bronze Base blog to learn more about its amazing benefits for your skin and how it now comes in with a refill! Second Skin Matte will provide a medium buildable coverage, SFP50 protection and our talc-free formula leaves you with a beautiful breathable finish! Brighten Up is the perfect choice to finish off this healthy, flawless glow. Brighten up will provide hydration to the under-eye area while providing coverage and a healthy glow!

Finally we checked in with Chloe, our Graphic Designer to find out which three Sculpted products she is loving this month!

 Chloe chose HydraGlo, Cream Luxe Blush Peach Pop, Brighten & Define Eyeliner Duo

“I love these three for a fresh dewy look that can go from day to night.”

We are not surprised to see HydraGlo featured in Chloe's favourites this month, it is the perfect addition to your daily routine to inject hydration, radiance and a dewy glow into your skin whether you are wearing makeup or not!

 Cream Luxe Blush strikes again, it is a firm favourite around the office and Chloe has chosen Peach Pop, the perfect pop of peach to add a fresh glow to the skin and doubles as a gorgeous pop of colour on the lips! Her final favourite of the month is our Brighten & Define Eyeliner Duo, this is our double ended kohl liner, a brown and nude end, these are incredibly creamy, blendable and long lasting (if we do say so ourselves) Use the nude end to brighten and open the eyes during the day, then add the brown to smoke and deepen the look for the night! The perfect combination of products to add glow, colour and versatility!

While catching up with the team we also checked in with some other favourites of theirs this month and here are the results! 

The team is loving “All Her Fault” by Andrea Mara which is about every parent's worst nightmare - a stolen child. When Marissa goes to pick up Milo after a playdate, he's not at the house and nobody has seen him or even knows anything about him… and so begins this gripping novel! 

“I read this in one weekend, and just could not put it down! Amazing twists that keep you hooked until the very end” - Marina 

A few of us love listening to “The Good Glow” with Georgie Crawford. The Good Glow is a podcast that will help us understand our health better. Georgie speaks to experts who will demystify topics like sleep, fertility, nutrition, gut health and much more! 

“I'm glued to The Good Glow’s new episode every Sunday! The guests are always so interesting and they cover a wide range of topics each week.” - Chloe

It's safe to say we have all been glued to the newest season of “Selling Sunset” on Netflix, which follows a real estate brokerage “The Oppenheim Group” around LA and all the drama and fun that comes with it!

“Whether it's the drama with anything involving Christine or the frankly strange relationship  (in my opinion) with  and Jason, I cannot stop watching, I am not ashamed to say I binged the new season in a weekend!!” - Aimee

So now you are all caught up on the Sculpted Teams monthly favourites, it's time we know yours! We love to see what you guys are loving whether its new launches or some of the original products, make sure you tag us across all social media @sculptedbyaimee we love to see your current favourites! 

Love Aimee & Team x