Team Sculpted's Monthly Favs!

July 01, 2022

5 minutes Read

Team Sculpted's Monthly Favs!

We are back again this month with some of the Team's favourites!

Working at a makeup brand means always trialing and testing new products, getting new launches and just always being surrounded by new makeup (literal heaven right??) but it also means our makeup bags are always changing with new products! So we've made it our mission to check in with the team on a monthly basis to see what top 3 products they are loving that month! Sometimes it's our newest launch, an OG product or sometimes it's something not even released yet…

We caught up with Jen, our Assistant Buyer first to check in with her on what she was reaching for this month!

Jen chose Velvet Veil Mini, Brighten Up in biscuit and Beauty Balm!

We can't blame Jen for reaching for these three quick, effective products! Jen has had a busy month and wouldn't of had much time to spare for makeup which makes these three products ideal for her on the go busy lifestyle! 

Brighten Up is going to provide a breathable lightweight layer of coverage, hydration and luminosity for those tired, dry eyes! To set that in place for those long days, Velvet Veil Mini is ideal! It will set your concealer, while not dulling or fully mattifying the area, and still providing hydration from hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to brighten and blur! Did we mention how adorable the mini pressed compact it, its cute mini component with an even cuter mirror, makes it perfect for on the go touch ups, especially if you're prone to oilier skin its ideal for controlling oil throughout the day! 

And of course, Beauty Balm, do we really need to say anything else?? Our universal balm will provide you with instant hydration and moisture to any area it is applied! Jen particularly likes to use it around her eyes as she would be prone to being drier in that area, she also likes to pat some onto the high points of the face, to give a dewy, fresh, glow! Of course she also uses it on the lips to keep them hydrated and nourished and provide a beautiful sheen to the lip!

Next we asked Kev, our E-commerce Manager, which products he was loving this month!


Kev chose, HydraGlo, Beauty Base Protect, and our Hydration Hero Sheet Masks.

Kev went a more skin care route with his favs this month! Even though Kev himself doesn't wear makeup, as in complexion and colour products, that doesn't mean there is nothing for him here at Sculpted! Our products are made for everyone, but even if you're not a makeup user we have a range of products available for you! 

Take HydraGlo for example, it is a hydrating serum designed for all skin types, mens skin is thicker and the texture is tougher than womens, HydraGlo however is made with much smaller molecules than your average moisturiser making them ideal for penetrating deeper into all skin! Kev has been using HydraGlo since it launched and can see a difference in his skin since, it has become softer, brighter and much more hydrated, and the team around the office can see the difference too!

Beauty Base Protect is an everyday essential for Kev! (as it should be for everyone!!) Everyone should be wearing an SPF everyday, we're sure youve heard us say this one before, but it's so important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays whether it's “sunny” or not! So why not use a base which will provide with hydration, SPF50 Broad Spectrum Protection and gives an instant boost of hydration and glow! (and it doubles as a beautiful all in one hydrating primer!)

Who doesn't love a sheet mask? The perfect way to wind down and treat your skin to some TLC. Kev's choice of mask is our Hydration Heros, which makes sense considering his love of HydraGlo. Our Hydration Heros are biodegradable masks infused with our unique blend of Hyaluronic Acid and Ylang Ylang Oil which will condition the skin whilst our Huang-Qin addition will soothe with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients! They're basically like HydraGlo times 100!! 

Last but certainly not least, we checked in with one of our Junior Marketing Executives Aoife to see what she's loving this month! 

Aoife's favourites this month just scream summery, bronzey, effortless look! HydraGlo strikes again as a firm favourite with the team, being such a universal skin care product that suits everyone's skin types guaranteed to provide instant hydration and glow! 

Bronze Base is a must in Aoife's routine for that effortless bronzed glowy look, apply just before bed and wake up looking beautifully bronzed with the added benefits of hyaluronic acid and vitamin E too hydrate and nourish the skin!! Even better than that…Bronze Base is refillable! Read more about our bronze base refills here! 

HydraLip also featured in Aoife's favourites and it's clear why, a tinted lip balm that provides the ultimate sweep of colour, hydration and SPF25 protection in one!! I mean what more could you ask for? Aoife's top HydraLip tips are, pair with a liner to take your lip from day to night (we love this!!) and pat some HydraLip onto the cheeks for a sheer, glowy, pop of colour ( GENIUS )

Some other favourites of the teams this month was Angela Scanlon's new book “Joyrider” This book is an invitation to embrace the kind of gratitude that cuts through the troubles life throws at us, connecting us with the present and grounding us inself. When there is so much to feel anxious about, Angela shares with readers how focusing our attention on the small, incremental positives in life can completely change it for the better.

“I did a lot of travelling for work this month so this book was by my side constantly for the long journeys! It was a fantastic read, such a real, raw insight into mindfulness and gratitude in a realistic view” Jen

It's safe to say Harry Styles new album “Harry's House” has been on repeat in the office since it was released against some peoples wills! 

Love Island has been a firm favourite amongst us all this month! Sculpted products have been sent into the villa this year so we have all been glued to our screens to see if we can spot any Sculpted goodies in the villa!

“I've been loving the season so far! Paige is definitely my favourite at the moment but I'm also loving Luca and Gemmas relationship! Ekin-Su has gone in with a game plan and I'm absolutely loving watching it all unfold!” Aoife

So now you are all caught up on the Sculpted Teams monthly favourites, it's time we know yours! We love to see what you guys are loving whether its new launches or some of the original products, make sure you tag us across all social media @sculptedbyaimee we love to see your current favourites!