Second Skin Secrets - Your Q’s Answered

November 06, 2019

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Second Skin Secrets - Your Q’s Answered
We wanted to get this blog together for you all as a over view of both foundation and some of the common questions answered. Have a read & enjoy :)
Firstly where did the idea come from?
At Sculpted HQ we are passionate about makeup. We love to wear it and how it makes us feel whilst keeping it natural and true to the skin. However, we also know that wearing makeup everyday can take its toll on the skin and that there just aren't enough healthier mineral options available on the market. This is why Aimee got to work to produce a 100% mineral based liquid foundation, that's gentle on skin but gives coverage and makes you feel good!
We have 9 shades for each formula named; Porcelain, Fair, Fair Plus, Light, Light Plus, Medium, Medium Plus, Tan, Rich. You can check out our swatches of these compared to other brands here.
Or if you would like us to help you shade match we can do so here:
We have two finishes in our new foundation line; Dewy & Matte.
Dewy is a mineral liquid foundation with medium, buildable coverage that gives a radiant finish to the skin. It contains SPF 50, PA+++ that won't cause flashback as its not mixed with lots of powders or in a very heavy concentrated base.
Its hydrates with Hyaluronic Acid, Anti Ages with Collagen whilst calming and rejuvenating the skin with Lavender & Aloe Vera Oil. 
Matte is a mineral liquid foundation with medium, buildable coverage. Its oil and talc free so perfect if you are normal to oily/sensitive skinned. It contains SPF 50, PA+++ that won't cause flashback as its talc free and not in a very concentrated base. It hydrates with Hyaluronic Acid, Anti Ages with Collagen whilst calming and rejuvenating the skin with Lavender & Aloe Vera extract.
Both formulas are Anti Oxidant, Non Comedogenic, Cruelty Free, Vegan whilst being fragrance free also which is great if this is something you're conscious of with sensitive skin.
Why Choose Mineral?
You don't have to wear mineral everyday and to be honest I wasn't either up until we started formulating Second Skin. I didn't find there were enough liquid options on the market and as much as I like to wear my mineral powder foundations they can take time to apply and I know some people don't like the idea of them, hence why I got to work on this!
There are lots of benefits to mineral makeup as it is generally considered the safest due to the fact it adheres to the natural oils in a person's skin and doesn't seep into the pores hence why it would be called non comedogenic. It allows your skin to breathe and it usually contains a great SPF due to an ingredient called titanium dioxide which we have in ours that helps to produce an SPF 50. 

What Does Medium, Buildable Coverage mean?
This is a fancy makeup term that basically says that our foundation offers medium coverage so it will give you a coverage that looks obvious in a nice way that you're wearing makeup but you can dictate if you want to be lighter or heavier. The buildable refers to the fact that you can add layers to create a fuller coverage finish. For example if you suffer with redness, or some spots that you might want to be extra generous with then you can be! We had everyone from acne, scarring, psoriasis, rosacea you name it in our campaign and it was amazing to see the results of the coverage!
How Do You Choose Between Dewy or Matte?
Matte Typically if you have an oiler skin type the matte is more suitable to you as its oil free so won't increase the oil on your skin and given its mineral base it'll help to not clog the pores or encourage breakouts. However, this isn't your typical drying matte, yes its oil free but, its still radiant which is lovely and it might mean you require some setting powder over it if you're someone who likes a very matte finish.
Dewy Typically if you have a dry to dehydrated skin you would choose the dewy as its a lovely radiant and glossy finish to the skin that will help make you feel lifted. You can still wear this if parts of you are oily you might just need to set your face with powder in order to slightly mattify those areas.
Do I need to Use a Setting Powder With them?
Setting powders are always nice to add over makeup to help the longevity of it but it is a personal choice. If I am going to an event where I want my makeup to last really well I would apply a light layer and then if I am running out the door on a Monday I might not. Its totally up to you.
What is the best order to apply the Sculpted products with these?
We really feel like we have created the ultimate sculpted radiant base :)
We recommend applying Bronze Base Face Tan the night before. This will tint your skin over night giving you the most gorgeous color the next morning. Then after you have cleansed etc apply your Beauty Base! This is the ideal primer under makeup that gives the skin a lift whilst hydrating and protecting and then go in with our new Second Skin for coverage. Once this is on we recommend you continue with our Sculpted palette to bronze, highlight and blush. You can also use this on the eyes and if you're using our Lip Duos you basically have your full face done! :)
So thats a round up of our top questions when it comes to Second Skin but as always feel free to ask away and we can't wait to hear your feedback!
Aimee xx