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Hi guys, 

We're so excited that our biggest launch Second Skin is here and we wanted to make sure that you are well equipped in shades to know what might suit you.

So first things first we have a Dewy and Matte formula each carrying 9 different shades but they're the same so regardless of what one you go your shade shouldn't change. If you fancy reading more on our formulas check out our blog post here.

We got to work and matched up our Second Skin shades against our most popular foundations in our kit which are MAC, NARS and Estee Lauder so that you can find your shade the easy way.


1) Second Skin Porcelain 1.0 

This is our lightest shade in the range and as you can see its a gorgeous porcelain pale shade with a touch of pink. We didn't want it to give a pure white shade so you'll see we have compared it to MAC NC10 and NARS Mont Blanc. You could also compare to NARS Gobi but it is a bit more yellow. 



2) Second Skin Fair 2.0

This shade is slightly darker than Porcelain but still a very fair neutral toned shade. We have compared this to MAC NC15 which is slightly darker, NARS Devaille which is very similar and Estee Lauder 1N1which is a little warmer.



3) Second Skin Fair Plus 2.5 

Fair plus is a warmer shade to Fair which you'll see its in color. This is perfect if you're fair but with a slightly pinker tone. We have compared this to MAC NW15 which is warmer & NARS Fiji which is very similar.



4) Second Skin Light 3.0

We predict this to be one of our best selling shades as its the ideal light / light tan color with a subtle warmth. We have compared this to MAC NW20 which is a little warmer, NARS Santa Fea which is quite close and Estee Lauder 2n1 which is a similar neutral tone without as much warmth.



5) Second Skin Light Plus 3.5 

This is a slightly darker more neutral tone to Light as Light is a bit warmer. This is perfect if you are naturally a bit sallow or like a light tan. We have compared to MAC NC20 but this is a little more yellow, NARS Punjab which is quite close and Estee Lauder 2n1 which is a little more yellow than neutral.



6) Second Skin Medium 4.0

This is a classic tan shade for those that are sallow or for those that wear fake tan. We wanted to make this a mixture between tan and golden so youll see we have compared to MAC NC30 which is a little more orange in color, NARS Stromboli which is a bit the same and Estee Lauder Tawny.



7) Second Skin Medium Plus 4.5 

This is a slightly warmer shade to Medium as it has more of a golden tan shade to it and this is perfect if you have fairer skin but wear tan like me :) We compared this to MAC NC37 which is a little warmer, NARS Barcelona which again is warmer and Estee Lauder Tawny so you can see the difference.



8) Second Skin Tan 5.0

This is another tanned shade that is a really neutral tone. This is perfect if you like a tan shade without the orange to golden in it. We have compared to MAC NW30 although we knew that this would be too warm but truth be told we couldn't find a better match in MAC and NARS Barcelona but you'll see that that is warmer too.



9) Second Skin Rich 6.0

This is our deepest shade which gives a gorgeous color to the skin with an added touch of warmth. We have compared to MAC NW45, NW48 and NC45 to give you a good view on where the shade lies.



So all in all we are so proud of our shades and we really tested our lab to make sure we were creating tones that we knew were needed. A lot of MAC warmer shades can be be deemed too warm sometimes or in other words too pinky on the skin whereas NARS is a little on the opposite side as they don't carry as much warmth and sometimes not enough.

We're not trying to compete with their foundation as we believe what we have created is unique and stands on its own but we did want to give you an easy comparison of shades to help with your selection and of course we have our Assist Online should you need us:)

I hope you found this helpful and even more importantly I hope that you love our new launch, Second Skin :)


Aimee xx


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