Pippa Cover Shoot Makeup List

February 15, 2019

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Pippa Cover Shoot Makeup List

It's always a pleasure painting the powerhouse that is Pippa O'Connor's face and I could probably do it in my sleep at this stage.. or at least she'd know all of my tips from the many fashion factories..which I'm looking forward to getting back into! 

Today it's time to throw it back to one of my favourite cover shoots of last year. On this occasion I was getting Pippa ready to shoot the cover of VIP Magazine's July issue. Naturally given the time of year we wanted to create a soft glam and dewy look and that's exactly what we did.

So starting with the base myself & Pippa alike love a glowing finish and that doesn't mean shiny for any gals with oily skin that fear the word dewiness. Don't worry!

I used Becca Cosmetics priming veil to keep the makeup on for longer.

I applied some Mac strobe cream after into the outskirts of the face for some extra glow under the foundation.

We went for one of myself & Pippa's favourite which is the NARS. I used the Sheer Glow foundation in shade Stromboli. This is a great tan shade with a nice undertone to it too.

So like I was saying above although we want a dewy finish you certainly don't want oily so I used MAC Blot powder to set the face.

This is a finely milled pressed powder so it's good to reapply without caking or setting on the skin. Given it was a warm day I wanted something slightly stronger too! On set days I would top up the model a lot or as needed so it's important to use products that don't cake.

To contour - as we all know I'd be a fan of the cheeks :) - we used my Sculpted Custom Edition In Medium Bronze, Champagne Cream, Rose Gold Glow and Pinky Hues Blush. I actually hadn't launched the palette at this stage so I was working from prototypes! I popped the bronzer into hollows of the cheeks, lightly around the hairline and down the sides of the nose.

I then pressed my cream champagne highlighter into the tips of the Cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and Cupid's bow to highlight these areas.

And let's not forget blusher which went into the apples. It's important with blush that you give a little more than usual when going on camera because it gets slightly paired back.

Pippa doesn't need much done to her brows as they are done so well by Kim O'Sullivan however a little definition never hurt anyone :) I added some of the Benefit Ka Brow lightly into the base of the brow to maximise the shape.

For the eyes I put my rose gold highlight under the brow with some of the bronzer into the crease followed by MAC Saddle to add a little more definition and then popped the lid with the new Charlotte Tilbury Cream shadow in Marie Antoinette. This is gorgeous but quite creamy so just watch out if you have quite oily lids!

Then into the sides of the eyes I shaded some darker brown from MAC in the colour Brown Down to lightly smoke the edges.

I did a little flick using The Stila Felt tip liner and put some of the Penneys individuals lashes on which are just amazing for easy definition and volume.

I also popped my rose gold highlight down the centre of her shins too whenever her lovely legs were exposed!

For the lips I used my Pink Edition lip quad in shade Rose with Mac Brave lipstick. This is a gorgeous strong pink without being fuchsia or neon.. such a popular bridal colour too.

I added some clear gloss into the centre very lightly for one of the shots too.


So there's your low down! Bearing in mind Pippa is, of course, fabulous and barely needs any of these but for an occasion, it's nice to get glam!

Anyways I hope you enjoyed the lowdown, if you have any other questions let me know :) 

Team of the day:

Lili Forberg on photography

Aideen Feely on styling

The GreenRoom on hair

Shot in Adare Manor