Handbag Heroes- What's in Aimee Connolly's Makeup bag?

July 23, 2021

5 minutes Read

Handbag Heroes- What's in Aimee Connolly's Makeup bag?



There are many unanswered questions in this world. Why is it called lipstick if you can still move your lips? Why does the sun lighten our hair but darken our skin? And what is it in Aimee Connolly’s make-up bag that always makes her look so glowy and bright? While we may not be able to help you with the first two, we can finally let you in on the secrets to Aimee’s forever dewy and youthful glow, by taking you into her personal makeup bag! So take note, because these handbag heroes are just the products to bring a bit of life to your makeup bag, your style and your day. 

Tint & Glow 


Tint & Glow has stolen the hearts of many as it’s essentially your Summer Skin, skin enhancer in a 45ml tube. If Beauty Base and Second Skin had a baby, it would be Tint & Glow. It’s skin perfecting benefits give you a sheer coverage that is lightweight & breathable on the skin. Hyaluronic acid hydrates whilst niacinamide brightens and smoothes the skin to give you a natural and healthy glowing finish. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s even got a broad spectrum SPF30 for UVA and UVB protection. This protection combined with some carrot root extract, shields your skin against oxidative stress (natural aging) and blue light, AKA the trauma caused by spending our days in front of our screens. 

No wonder Aimee can’t put this down. The glowing coverage & skincare benefits combined with SPF 30 wins Tint & Glow all the handbag hero points from us! 

Aimee tends to go between shades, but her most used shade is shade 4.0. 

Brighten Up 

Our Brighten Up Concealer is one of Aimee’s favourite products as it’s perfect for covering up late nights, or for getting ready super quick in the mornings. It’s lightweight and breathable formula works to brighten & blur the under eyes, while adding some healthy mineral coverage. This liquid concealer contains some of our favourite good-for-you ingredients like niacinamide, which will brighten and help to target under eye dark circles while you wear it, and hyaluronic acid which as you know, is our favourite hydrating ingredient. Bye Bye Puffy eyes!

Now with our new formula, Brighten Up has a neater wand for a more controlled application and it also has a quicker set finish, which means it dries down to its usual dewy self just that little bit faster,  making those early morning make-up sessions quicker than ever!

Lately, Aimee has been reaching for shade ‘beige’ to match her Tint & Glow shade 4! She likes her eyes to be bright and illuminated and the warm undertone of shade beige neutralises any blue tones under the eyes to completely colour correct the area.

Tara Cheeks & Eyes Palette 


Next on Aimee’s list is The Sculpted x Tara Cheeks & Eyes Palette. This is a new addition to Aimee’s makeup bag and it’s becoming the palette she can’t live without. Why? Well, it’s a one-stop-shop for both your day to day make-up and your fullest glam. The palette features a beautiful matte bronzer, a matte peach blush, a light golden highlighter shimmer AND 5 gorgeous eyeshadows. 

Aimee is the Queen of changing up her looks by adding some very simple steps, so we think it’s going to be a while before this one leaves her handbag. You can dress up any look and go from day to night wherever you are - whether that be in the office, the bathroom, on staycation or even on the bus. Just pop this dream palette into your handbag and you’re good to go! 


Brighten & Smoke Eyeliner Duo 

Our Brighten & Smoke Eyeliner Duo is another product from the amazing Sculpted x Tara Collection which allows you the versatility of a nude liner and a black kohl liner all in one! The nude works to open the eyes, making them appear brighter and accentuated, while the black kohl on the other side of this duo is perfect for  smoking up any look. You can use it to create a smokey eye, a soft wing liner or even just to add definition around the lash line. 

This handbag hero hasn’t left Aimee’s makeup bag since it came on the scene, it’s just perfect for faking a good night’s sleep or for transforming any look into some night out glam. 

Cream Luxe - Pink Supreme 

It wouldn’t be Aimee’s makeup bag if there wasn’t more than one blush in there. Her latest go to is our Cream Luxe blushes, and more recently she has been reaching for the shade Pink Supreme. This one was inspired by the Full Face Edit Cream Tint because everyone just loved it so much.  Think Dewy, Rosy, Summery realness with this blush! 

Cream Luxe compacts are the ultimate handbag heroes as you can wear them on the cheeks, but also on the lips as subtle lip tint and if you’re really feeling it, you can also use them on the eyes as a cream eyeshadow. The compact mirror on the inside also allows for easy touch ups and means you can cut down on the amount you need to bring in your makeup bag. 

Naked Lip Duo 


Aimee’s most used lip dup has to be  ‘Naked’  from the Undressed Collection. Not only does this creamy lipstick feel comfortable and hydrating on your lips, it also has a twist up lip liner on one side so you’ll never have to worry about matching your lip products or losing your lip liner again! The combination of a slightly darker lip liner vs lipstick, accentuates your lips so you get that perfect pout each and every time!

Naked is a soft,  pink-nude lipstick with a slightly darker rose brown liner to contour the edges of the lips. Aimee usually has at least 3 in her makeup bag at all times. Did you know, our Lip Duos can also double up as a pop of colour for your cheeks & eyes too? They blend super easily and add some life back into any makeup look. 

Liquid Lights Gilded Glow 

Last but certainly not least, Aimee’s final handbag hero is our  Liquid Lights Gilded Glow!  This liquid highlighter lets the light hit you in all the right places. Pop it onto the high points of the face including the cheekbones, tip & bridge of the nose & cupids bow. But why stop there? You can also add this to your shoulders, decolletage and even down the front of your legs for a glow that will turn heads everywhere! 

It’s an instant pick-me-up for your everyday makeup bag- don’t believe us? Just try it, and you’ll see! 

So that’s the secret to Aimee Connolly’s healthy glow, we thought we’d share this with you because these products are so handy to have in your makeup bag. We’d love to know what never leaves your handbag? What can you not be without? 


Let us know on Instagram @sculptedbyaimee. And as always, keep tagging us in your Sculpted glowy looks, we love seeing them! 

Lots of Love, 

Aimee and Team xx