Good Brushes = Great Makeup!!

April 23, 2019

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Good Brushes = Great Makeup!!


Happy post Bank Holiday Tuesday! We hope you all had a great weekend, and enjoyed the gorgeous weather wherever you were! We've had such an amazing response to the launch of Beauty Base that we almost forgot to share that Sculpted by Aimee have won in the Image Beauty Awards 2019 with our Essentials Reloaded Brush Set in the Best Makeup Brushes and Tools category! 

So today we're going to be talking through our Essentials Reloaded Brush set and why good brushes equal great makeup! 


1. The Buffer 

This is the softest foundation brush that will ever grace your face. It's one of the stand out brushes of the Reloaded Brush Set and is ideal for any consistency foundation from liquid, cream or mineral foundation. Just buff your preferred foundation in a circular motion and if you feel like you've any areas that need a little extra coverage, almost press the brush into the skin for ultimate coverage. This is always a great tip around the nose as your skin can be a little oilier here. 



2. The Setter 

I could not live without my setter brush! This is a multi purpose angle brush and is perfect for powdering the face after foundation or use it to apply your mineral foundation. I created the setter with an angle as I just find it really helps when you are applying your blush onto the apples of the cheek and you can almost work it back towards your contour. And of course it's perfect for contouring too! 


3. The Blender 

At every masterclass I get asked the same question - how do I blend my eyeshadow?! Honestly there is such a simple solution to this and it's called The Blender Brush! This is a lovely fluffy brush that allows you to blend, blend, blend your eyeshadow! It's so important that your eyeshadow brush moves with your hand so that you don't end up with too much shadow in one area. It's so gentle on the eye and it's perfectly tapered to flow into the socket and across the brow bone. 



4. The Taperer 

The Taperer is basically The Blender’s best friend! This is the brush you use to complete your smokey eye. It's perfectly cut to fit neatly into the crease of the eye so you can achieve that lovely smokey look, and it's also small enough to bring your shadow underneath the eye for the ultimate smokey look. You want your darkest coloured shadow typically to stay at the crease and into the socket so this smaller head will do it for you!


5. The Angle 

This is a makeup bag essential. The angle brush from the Reloaded Brush Set is so multi functional and it includes a spoolie which is just one of the best and most underrated brow tools out there. Use powder / gel to define your brows using the angle side of the brush and tidy up using the spoolie. It's thin but sturdy which is essential and not that easy to find with Angle brushes. This is why it also becomes the best little tool for creating the perfect flick, the secret to a good winged liner is in the thinness of the brush like I said. The reason for this is that the thinner the brush the thinner your liner will be allowing you go to thicker if you want without making it too thick initially and you having a lid full of liner! Start off lightly and you can always go back in if you want a more dramatic look whether it’s liner or brows you’re doing.

Another tip which I share a lot at classes is to use this Angle brush to apply shadow into the lower lash line. A lot of people avoid shadowing this area because they feel it goes too thick or makes them tired look but it’s so important to for definition. Using your angle brush will make it apply super thin so you can be sure you’re defined and not knackered looking!


6. The Definer 

This is basically what I call an excellent defining and cleaning up brush. It's small enough to really work a smokey look underneath the eye, and its also perfect if you needed to clean up your eye liner flick. To do so just go back in with the tiniest bit of foundation/concealer on a clean Definer brush to clean up or sharpen any areas you want. Same goes for a statement lip, use the definer to clean up any areas that may have bled outside the line. 


7. The Perfecter 

The Perfecter does exactly as it says and was created to perfect your base. The dome shaped brush is perfectly shaped to fit underneath the eyes for setting the under eye without having to reach for a smaller brush yet it’s still fluffy enough to set the base in seconds! This is also the perfect brush for bronzing up your neck if you need to match it up to your foundation! 


Huge thanks to Image Magazine for the recognition on our Essentials Reloaded Brush Set. A good set of brushes really does make all the difference to your makeup! We’re all about the tools and so are more than thrilled to be recognized for them! And if you want to check out how to clean your makeup brushes like a pro you can read our blog here!

We hope you liked the edit, 

Lots of love,

Aimee xx