Beauty Base Basics

April 17, 2019

4 minutes Read

Beauty Base Basics


Our latest and very exciting launch is finally here! Introducing....Beauty Base! Ahhhh we are just so thrilled!!

This has been in the making for over 2 years now that it’s nearly surreal that it’s actually here!? I feel like I’ve being using it for so long that I think the whole world should about it at this stage.

I thought I’d put this blog together as an intro to the backing behind the product.

Why Beauty Base? I think we all know the struggle of having to apply a moisturiser, primer, strobe and SPF - the confusion is endless and most of the time we are left wondering if we're doing any of it right! We're practically exhausted before we even get to foundation - so I thought how can I help with this and create a solution we can all make use of without sacrificing the layers we want to wear and tah dah welcome Beauty Base!! 


It’s a base which is suitable for all skin tones, skin types & ages! We have lots of images and videos coming to prove this :) Whether you’re 16 or 65 you can wear this and I know because as a working makeup artist I’ve applied it on anyone you can think of!! 

Can Oily Skins Wear It?

Yes this Base has a gorgeous glow but it doesn’t leave an oily residue feeling which is amazing! Avoid your shiny areas if you prefer but I personally have an oily t zone and still apply it there. Given it has spf in it it somewhat mattifies it whilst keeping the glow which is great.


This is an innovative three in one primer which contains:

Hyaluronic Acid: This acid is amazing for hydration and storing moisture so you can use Beauty Base as a moisturizing base or apply over your usual moisturizer if you need all the hydration!

Peptides: Beauty Base contains three different peptides which all act to plump and condition the skin so you know you’re doing good when applying it! 

Pearlized Cream: This is our fancy way of saying you’ll be like a glowing goddess when you apply it. It leaves the skin with an amazing golden luminous look which you can wear on its own and/or mixed into foundation. 

SPF30: Regardless if it’s a rainy day or sunny one we need SPF. Beauty Base protects against UVA & UVB rays which is great...a lot of spfs can be quite thick and heavy - ours isn’t AND you can still get a glow from it - eh amazing!!


Ps... don’t panic there’s no flashback!

One of the most frequent questions that I always get asked is "Can I wear SPF and not get flashback" or "I know I should be wearing SPF but I hate the way my makeup shows up in pictures!" 

We've been using Beauty Base in all our shoots for the last 6 months, and we've never had any any flash back! If you want to have a read on the myths around SPF have a read of the blog here

So just in case my saying it isn’t enough I put it to the test in the office and photographed it for you all;

Here's a pic of me wearing NARS Sheer Glow on it’s own. As we all know this is a foundation that doesn’t contains spf so shouldn’t have actual flashback issues - which is doesn't but of course using a flash shows up a different light which you’ll see here...

NARS with and without a flash; 

And then I took that off put on Beauty Base and put my NARS Sheer Glow back on over it and here’s the result:

NARS Foundation and Beauty Base - As you can see there's no flashback! Not only is there no flashback but we think the finish of the foundation with flash dare we say it ... is even nicer!! 

I have also been using it on brides for months and wearing it on a daily basis myself. I wore it skiing in January and didn't get any sun or wind burn with it on!

For the Image awards recently I had lots of it on under my makeup and didn’t have one bit of flashback with my 5 millions pictures taken that night, haha. See for yourself here;


While you're here if you fancy it you can have a read of my thoughts on the Top 5 Common Bridal Foundations here and which ones give the least amount of flashback, have the longest staying power etc. 

How to Wear Beauty Base

  1. Wear alone on a bare face to protect and give the skin a healthy glow.

Obviously Kate is seriously stunning regardless but here she is bare faced before and then matte and lifted after the glow of Beauty Base on! 


  1. Wear our base as a priming mix underneath your makeup for a healthy, radiant and protected base every day. By mixing it in it will lighten the coverage you’re wearing and act as a quicker application if you’re busy on the go! 



So basically Beauty Base is your all in one makeup primer that Preps, Primes & Perfects. 

We absolutely adore it and hope that you all will too. I know I am biased but it is a great product and one that every age, skin type and skin tone can use.

Beauty Base is now available here & will be in stores week beginning April 22nd. 

Lots of love and have a great Easter!

Aimee xx