4 of the Best Doubling Up Products!

March 12, 2019

3 minutes Read

4 of the Best Doubling Up Products!


I've put together this blog post on what I think are the best beauty hacks that will give you bang for your buck when it comes to applying makeup. These are some of the best products if you are limited on handbag space or just in a rush that can double up and give a lot more than expected!

  1. Bronzer

One of my favourite doubling up products is bronzer. I’m sure anyone following me for a while could see this one coming! Haha.. This though was definitely something I had in my head when I was creating the custom edition palette. I've always loved being able to have one product in my bag that I can use for different reasons.

Obviously I love using the bronzer from the Sculpted Palette to double up with and use as eyeshadow. I apply the bronzer to the lid of the eye using a big fluffy brush, like the blender brush, and blend it out. This sets a gorgeous base for eye makeup and you can use it on its own or apply a darker shadow in the crease and blend it out for a real smokey eye look. 

You can do this with lots of bronzers too depending on what you have!



  1. Lipstick

Lipstick as blush is just a lifesaver and I've used this trick loads of times if I only have a couple of products in my bag. MAC Brave is a lovely shade with a creamy texture that can be used on the lips and if you need a pop of colour on the cheeks you can use this and apply with your finger and dab it on, letting the warmth of your hand melt the consistency onto the cheek.  The consistency of lipstick can be picked up by brush also and evens it out as you apply to the apples of the cheeks. The Setter brush from the Sculpted Range is angled so you're not going to pick up too much product and you can angle the brush back towards your contour for a lovely blended pop of colour! It might seem a little scary at first but it’s actually lovely!



  1. Brow Gel

Brow gel is a great product to double up as a soft eyeliner. Benefit KaBrow is a great product as it includes the angled brush in the product to use on your brows, but if you wanted an even more defined liner it's important for the angled brush to be really thin so that if you make a mistake using product it's easy to fix. 

Pop the KaBrow on the same way as any gel liner and give added definition to the eye! Obviously the darker your brow gel the better the liner so I generally do this with shade 3.5 or 4.

  1. Powder Highlight

I think we all know that highlight is one of my absolute favourite products at this stage and I just think it works for so many different uses!

Apply powder highlight to the tips of the cheeks, down the centre of the nose and along the cupids bow to light up the areas of the face that naturally draws the light.

Andddd make sure to use it as a shimmer eyeshadow too. Use along the brow bone, into the corner of the tear duct to open up the eye and add a little to the centre of the eyelid after a smokey eye

As a little FYI powder highlight is also so easy to use along your collarbone and you can even give it a sweep down the front of the legs to illuminate the legs after tan! Multiple uses from one product, this is what I love! Our favourites are the Sculpted Range - Opal Glow, Rose Gold Glow or Golden Glow depending on which shade you love!! 


We'd love to hear what products you guys double up with?! 

Lots of love, 

Aimee xx