Top 5 Dupes you need to know about...

February 25, 2019

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Top 5 Dupes you need to know about...

Hello, happy Monday!

I know we all love a good bargain so I thought it would be good to do a trusty dupe blog post this evening! I still believe you get what you pay for and the longevity of the more expensive products always stand the test of time, however, these dupes really do give them a run for their money!

True Match by L’Oreal vs Armani Luminous Silk

True Match by L’oreal is one of the most popular pharmacy brand foundations. It gives a lovely silky texture to the skin and has a great colour range. It’s definitely the biggest dupe to the Armani Luminous Silk. The coverage is actually quite similar for both with L’oreal being slightly more matte but for the price difference, if you’re looking for a runaround Monday - Friday foundation, L’oreal is definitely worth the consideration!

Catrice Liquid Camouflage vs MAC Studio Finish

Catrice Camouflage is one of my favourite concealers and has very similar component to the MAC Studio Fix 24hr wear. The Catrice has a nice wand applicator but it does dry quickly so you’ll need to work fast. For the price of it, it gives amazing coverage but it does dry quickly so if you find you’re dehydrated under eyes you might think it’s too matte.

Putting this in comparison with MAC Studio Finish 24hr I still think this is a really nice concealer, there’s a big jump in price but if you wanted to try something of a similar product for a cheaper alternative then Catrice is definitely worth giving a go, however, the MAC concealer is definitely not as fast drying which is a little easier to work with!

Bourjois Java Rice vs Laura Mercier Glow Translucent

For any glow powder lovers out there, listen up! I put these in the same category because they both have a slight speckled finish to their powder. The Bourjois Java Rice is more subtle, it’s kind of like a fairy dust, but it doesn’t show up as obvious on the skin. Laura Mercier Glow is very much a ‘glow’ on the skin, which doesn’t work for everybody but if you wanted to try a cheaper alternative of a powder that has a nice luminous finish to it, the Java Rice is always sold out and is a brilliant bargain buy at €12.95!

Rimmel 55 Boho Nude Vs Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink
You can never go wrong with a nude lipstick and the good news you don’t have to spend a fortune either! Rimmel 55 Boho Nude Lipstick from the Kate Moss collection is fab and hard to find these days so grab it while you can! Rimmel lipsticks, I think, are amazing! They’re always such good quality, great colour range and so affordable. This boho nude is particularly popular along with rock n’ roll nude which I actually think has been discontinued, it’s a lovely peachy brown nude shade very similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink. The CT is €32 so that’s a big jump in price from Rimmel at €7.49. I still love the CT lipstick and always have it in my kit, but if you wanted to try a similar shade at a cheaper price point you could give the Rimmel a go before you invest in Charlotte Tilbury!

Penney’s Desert Sand vs MAC Whirl

Lipliner - we all know I am somebody who is obsessed with it! If you’re someone who is terrified of lip liner and is kind of thinking should I / shouldn’t I? Number one - you should! But also there is a cheaper buy if you’re still testing the waters, Penney’s Desert Sand is €1.50 and is really good quality for the price of it, vs MAC Whirl which has always been in my kit, and always will be in my kit so I’m not sacrificing it from my makeup bag but for a considerable jump in price you can start yourself off with something cheaper if you want to!


Hopefully you will find something that suits you here, I’ll always have a mix of brands in my makeup bag/kit so it’s nice to share my favs too :) 

Lots of love,

Aimee xx