Bronze Base & Body Tans!

June 19, 2019

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Bronze Base & Body Tans!


Today we wanted to go through some of our favourite body tans and what ones would suit our newest product - Bronze Base! We created Bronze Base in two shades; Light / Medium and Medium / Dark so that there is something to suit everybody! Just customise the colour you want with the amount of pumps you use, which we'll explain further down below! 

We've all been there - that dilemma of matching your makeup to you neck and vice versa! Since launching Bronze Base we've been asked loads of questions on what body tan to use to match your face tan. This really all depends on how bronzed you want to be but here are our suggestions; 

Bronze Base Light / Medium with Body Tans:

If you're someone that wears no tan or a light gradual tan such as Dove Moisturiser, St Tropez Gradual Tan, Bellamianta Gradual Tan or Bondi Sands Gradual Tan we recommend applying 1-2 pumps of Bronze Base Light/Medium onto your mini buffer brush and applying all over the face. You can also bring Bronze base down your neck and blend it in well if you're just looking for that golden glow to match your neck and you don't need tan elsewhere! 




If you wear shade Medium in tans such as Bare by Vogue, Bellamianta, Bondi Sands, Tantastic or Vita Liberata Medium Foam we recommend using 3-4 pumps of your Bronze Base Light/Medium! This just gives a deeper glow that will match up to a medium tan perfectly.



Bronze Base Medium / Dark 

If you love fake tan and generally go for shades such as Dark in Bare by Vogue, Bellamianta, Cocoa Brown, Tantastic or Bondi Sands we would recommend using 1-2 pumps if you like your face to be bronzed, but not too dark, and then 3-4 pumps of Bronze Base if you like a deeper colour! 




How To Wear Bronze Base! 

Dispense your desired amount of pumps onto your brush and blend onto moisturised skin, neck and ears if you'd like. Or mix Bronze Base into your serum / moisturiser for a more natural results. Jump into bed and let Bronze Base work its magic overnight! Its fast absorbing, streak free with no fake tan smell.

Lasts: The colour should last 2-4 days. We recommend re-applying 2/3 nights after your initial application if you want to continue the colour or mix it into your serum/moisturiser for a more natural add on bronzed glow.


Here's how it looks on some of our real volunteers and the shades they picked!  

Louise is wearing shade medium / dark! Here's what she had to say; 

I chose the Medium/Dark shade because I am quite sallow,  I was slightly conscious that it might be too dark but it was absolutely perfect. I also have quite oily skin aswell so I did think it could make it shiny but it was brilliant and dried in so quickly too. I also loved applying it with the brush it was so soft and made sure you got into all of the nooks and crannys.

Elaine chose shade Light / Medium and would go between Medium Body Tans such as Bondi Sands or BPerfect 10 Second Tan; 

I suffer with dry skin and would have always been conscious that tan on my face would be patchy however this went on so well and didn't dry it out at all. I love the colour and it really matched the body tan I wear.

Naoise chose Bronze Base in Medium / Dark and here's her feedback! 

I have really dry and sensitive skin and so would always avoid applying fake tan onto my face usually but I was really suprised by Bronze Base. There was absolutely no irritation, no fake tan smell and no dryness at all. It was a really natural even glow with no patches and I thought the brush was amazing to have it with it to apply. I thought the Medium/Dark was the right amount of dark without being orange and it still looked natural on!

And here are some of our top tips on Facial Tanning!

  • Firstly pop on a headband so that you can see your full face and it's really important to tan right up to the hairline to get the most natural glow. 
  • Make sure your skin is squeaky clean, and like preparing for body tan, prep the skin by cleansing and exfoliating to get rid of any dry skin. 
  • My favourite type of facial tan are tan drops (obviously)!! so I would add 3-4 tan drops in with my serum or moisturiser, and apply all over the face using a clean mini buffer brush. 
  • Make sure you apply your tan and serum / moisturiser all over the face, right up to the hairline, and down around the jawline to blend it in with your body tan. 
  • If you want, you can pop a little vaseline onto your brows so that you don't stain them. 
  • Bronze Base generally give me a glow for about 3 days, they are actually quite long lasting and the lovely thing about tanning drops is that the tan wears away very evenly. 
  • Wake up looking like a bronzed babe!! 
  • Cleanse and Moisturise as per your usual routine to keep you skin looking amazing! 


We hope this edit helps when picking your shade! 

Lots of love, 

Aimee xx