Work from Home Beauty Essentials!

April 03, 2020

4 minutes Read

Work from Home Beauty Essentials!


Working from home is the new norm but the one thing that is helping us through it is making an effort for those video conference calls! 

The one thing that is keeping us sane, and giving some routine in the mornings is applying our beauty essentials! We're going to give some tips on how to apply a five min face and look and feel good for the rest of the day. Here's a challenge - Time yourself popping on your makeup and let us know if you get it done under five mins! 

Here's how we do it! 


You're going to want to use something here that is multipurpose. We love our Beauty Base Primer to start our makeup routines. It has your Broadspectrum SPF 30 included, Hyaluronic Acid for hydration, and it leaves your skin absolutely glowing with two finishes to choose from, the Original (which leaves the skin with a gorgeous golden glow) and Pearl (which, as the names suggests, leaves the skin with a beautiful pearl like finish). Pop a couple of pumps all over the face to prime your skin for makeup, or to simply just glow! 



We're all stuck inside and we're not sure about you guys, but our skin is suffering. Thankfully, we have Second Skin to help us look and feel amazing! Our foundation is 100% mineral liquid foundation (if you want to read more on the benefits of mineral makeup check out our our blog here). We've got 9 shades in two gorgeous finishes, so if you have normal / dry skin we'd recommend the dewy finish, and if you're more prone to oiliness or breakouts we'd recommend the matte finish! Apply all over the face for a gorgeous, second skin like finish. 

You can check out our shade matching blog here! 



Where would we be without our Full Face Edit?! This is actually a beauty lifesaver (if we may say so ourselves!) It contains everything you need for a full makeup look.  Here's some tips on a quick makeup look using this palette; 


Using the Double Ended Brush pop Medium Matte Bronzer onto the hollow of the cheekbones, the hairline of your forehead, down the sides of the nose and a little along the jawline. This gives you all the definition you need in a couple of seconds! 

Now onto highlight! Pop the Rose Gold Glow Highlight on the tips of the cheekbones, down the centre or tip of the nose, and along your cupids bow for a gorgeous glow! 

And depending on whether you love a powder or cream blush (The Full Face Edit has both!) apply to the apples of the cheeks - Make sure to smile when doing this as you want your blush to lift the face, and work it slightly back towards your contour for a lovely natural and blended finish! 


Keeping with the Full Face Edit, using a blending brush, use Medium Matte Bronzer and blend onto the lid and crease of the eye, leaving a natural gap beneath your brow! 

If you want to glam it up a little for those video calls, pop your ring finger into the shimmer warm bronze shadow and pop onto the centre of the lid. So quick and easy! 

Top tip to brighten tired eyes - use a little highlight in the tear ducts and lets pretend quarantine isn't messing with all our sleep schedules! 

And for added definition and the quickest liner ever - using a slim brush (like the Angle or our definer duo from the Brush Boudoir) and apply a little of our matte brown shadow right along the lash line and smudge it out. You don't have to be ultra careful doing this, just give a little definition. Add mascara and you're good to go! 


You guessed it - we're loving our lip tint from the Full Face Edit for a quick application of colour and moisture, just pop it on using your finger and that's it! Full Face done!! 

Top Tip; Good Brushes = Great Makeup!

The tools you use to apply your makeup are as important as the makeup itself. We love our Brush Boudoir double ended brush set, they are just the dream when it comes to applying our makeup with a foundation duo, powder duo, concealer duo, blending duo & definer duo all in one set! 


 Now we're ready for our next video call :) 


Lots of love, 

Team Sculpted xx