Undressed Lip Duos- Check Them Out On The Sculpted Team!

February 16, 2021

4 minutes Read

Undressed Lip Duos- Check Them Out On The Sculpted Team!

We’re so happy that everyone is loving our New Undressed Lip Duo collection and they all look fabulous on you all!

When we launched this collection, the idea we had in mind was to incorporate these Lip Duo shades into any sort of look, whether it be a soft natural look,  5 minute makeup, or a full glam, our ultimate goal is for them to be universally loved and worn by everyone and all skin tones.

Our Undressed Collection features 3 shades, Nude, Naked and Bare.

Nude features a classic warm toned nude with a sandy brown liner and neutral lipstick.

Naked is a universally loved soft pink nude. A deeper rose brown liner with a lighter neutral pink lipstick.

Bare is a modern take on a cult loved 90s lip. It features a deep brown liner with a warm brown lipstick.

Our Sculpted Team has taken the most gorgeous photos to show you each shade on our filter-free faces. Let’s take a look at each shade to see how they appear on our different skin tones! 



First up, we have the beautiful Michelle wearing Second Skin in shade Porcelain 1.0. She says:

"Bare is my new baby! I love to use this shade on my lips but also as a blush as it has a beautiful warm undertone that is perfect for a touch of colour to the cheeks! Simply dab a small amount on and blend onto the apples of your cheeks using the warmth of your fingers."



 Next we have the fabulous Noelle! Noelle wears Second Skin Fair 2.0 and her favourite shade is Bare as she feels it really compliments her skin tone!

As Noelle has a more fairer complexion, we would suggest avoiding really pale nudes here and opt for something with a little more depth and colour, like Naked or Bare. 

Noelle is a big fan of a bright coloured lip, but we’ve converted her to nudes and she is loving them! 


We have our Girl Boss Aimee featuring all three shades and she is wearing Second Skin in Light Golden 3.75. Aimee’s favourite go to is Nude because she loves how it is such a universal soft pink which can be tailored to any makeup look. 


Top Tip: First line your lips using the liner end of your lip duo and fill in the centre of your lips to create a solid base for anything that goes on top.

Next, go over the lip liner with the lipstick side and your lipstick will not budge for the day!



 The gorgeous Leah is wearing Second Skin Light Plus 3.5 and as you can see, they all look stunning on her, but if she had to pick her favourite, it would be Naked! 

Naked has a more pinky undertone, complimented with the deeper rose liner for a gorgeous and full looking pout.

It also is the perfect combination with a pink flush of colour on the cheeks, such as our Sunset Sheen or Pinky Hues Blush!


Saoirse is wearing Second Skin Medium Plus 4.5 which is more of a yellow undertone and her favourite shade is also Nude

The team all have various lip undertones so they appear different on everyone, which is great to show the alternative ways in which they can be worn. 


Shaping and adding definition to the lips with a deeper undertone lip liner first, means you can apply any nude to the centre of the lips to create the perfect pout.


The lovely Amy is wearing Second Skin in shade Tan 5.0. Amy prefers a more tan undertone to her foundation so it shows that these shades suit light and deeper skintones!

Amy's favourite shade from the collection is Naked. She loves the perfect soft pink lipstick combined with the rose brown-toned liner for the ultimate pink nude pout!


A little tip we would recommend is choosing a lip colour with the perfect balance of tone that is just slightly deeper than your skin will add dimension and character to your face.

 We love to see all of your fabulous filter-free faces featuring our new Undressed Lip Duos. Need help finding the perfect shade for you? Check out our Undressed Lip Duo shade matching blog for any help here!

Remember, we're all about using no filter and no airbrush, so make sure to tag us using the hashtag #filterfreefaces and send us your nudes! ( No pun intended! 😉)


Lots of love, 

Team Sculpted xo