Top 4 Benefits of Mineral MakeUp

February 07, 2020

2 minutes Read

Top 4 Benefits of Mineral MakeUp

Mineral makeup! What does it mean and why does it work? In this blog post we're keeping it snappy so you can see exactly why mineral makeup is the way to go and why we're so proud our Second Skin foundation is 100% that! 

We really feel we've broken boundaries with this launch but enough about that..let's delve into the top reasons why Mineral MakeUp can help!


1) No Clogged Pores:

Mineral makeup is typically known as the safest because it doesn't tend to clog pores. How does it do this? It adheres to the natural oils in your skin and therefore doesn't seep into the pores.

*Ehh.. amazing!

2) Long Lasting:

Better Coverage & Pigment! A lot of foundations contain talc as a bulking agent to create a heavier base on the skin, which results in less pigmentation. A poorly pigmented foundation leads to more layering of the product to achieve your desired look and coverage but it can often get blotchy. Meanwhile, mineral makeup should exclude talc, (our Second Skin does!) which therefore gives a better pigmented and natural finish. 

*This is also why we say our coverage is Medium Buildable - you can wear it as natural as you want or you can layer it which it will do nicely given its contents!

3) SPF:

Mineral Makeup offers a built-in sunscreen due to the ingredients it contains. Common ingredients such as mica, iron oxide, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide are among the common ones found which acts as skin protectants and protect against the sun.

*Our Second Skin boasts an SPF50 that won't feel really heavy on your skin AND there's no flashback which was something Aimee as a makeup artist was dead set on making sure there wouldn't be.


4) Sensitive Skin Approved:

The ingredients in mineral makeup are typically bacteria free and great for soothing sensitive skins. It won't cure a condition like acne but it will definitely help to prevent it and to enhance the goodness of your skin! It is non-comedogenic; meaning it won't clog pores as we mentioned above. The ingredients provide anti-inflammatory properties that aid problematic skin.

*Hence our slogan of 'Your Everyday Guilt Free Makeup ;) '


We hope that you found this helpful and we are happy to answer any questions you might have !


Team Sculpted xx