Top 3 Concealers That Won't Break The Bank!

February 15, 2019

3 minutes Read

Top 3 Concealers That Won't Break The Bank!

Hi everyone, happy Tuesday!

Today I'm going to be going through my top 3 concealers that you can get for under €12. I've been using these 3 concealers for years, both on myself and on others! The colours of these concealers are quite yellow based which is good to lift the eye and brighten the under eye up, banishing any dark circles.

1. Catrice Liquid Camouflage

Starting with Catrice liquid camouflage - this is one of their newer shades 015 honey. I tend to only use 015 or 020 because I find the 05 and the 010 to be quite white, so unless you're very fair and that suits your foundation I think the 015 or the 020 are a little bit more complementary for the skin tone. This is a fantastic concealer for the price. I tend to use it most days, just pop a little underneath the eyes and blend in with your ring finger. You can use a brush if you want but I prefer to use my hand! Just to note the Catrice concealer can be quite drying so if you're very dehydrated you need to blend this in quickly. You'll notice that if you pop this concealer on the back of your hand and come back to it an hour later it could be like cement so blending is really important!! You can see before and after concealer images below and Catrice is available in Penney's and most pharmacies around the country!

2. Maybelline Anti Age Eraser

I use shade 07 sand. The most confusing thing with this range is that the colours don't follow a pattern so you've to be careful when selecting what one is for you. This is quite a good, light yellow-based colour and it has a nice sponge applicator and feels really creamy. The one thing about this concealer is that it can be a little dry sometimes as it is powder based! Pop a little bit underneath your eyes and blend with your ring finger or your brush - whichever you prefer. You can find this here.

3. Bourjois Radiance Reveal

I wear the Bourjois Radiance Reveal in shade 2. This has the smallest colour range of all three but they're really good colours for what they are. They have three basic shades and shade 2 is probably the most popular as it's a little bit warmer and silkier so it's not as heavy as the other two. It's particularly good if you're worried about fine lines around the eyes or if you just want a quick and affordable pick me up for underneath the eyes. Again, it has a light yellow undertone so will lift the area underneath the eye and banish any dark circles. I love the texture of the concealer but all three are amazing products for under €12! You can find this one here.


General top tips when it comes to applying undereye concealer:

  1. Use a liquid underneath the eyes instead of cream as it has a better consistency and is more fluid to work with

  2. Always go a shade and a half or two brighter than your foundation so it makes your face look lifted

  3. Use a colour corrector with it if you need to lift the eye!

And there you have it, three of the best concealers that won't break the bank!

Lots of love,

Aimee xx