The Skincare Guide for Holiday Proofing Your Skin

December 18, 2020

2 minutes Read

The Skincare Guide for Holiday Proofing Your Skin

The party season is upon us, meaning it’s the perfect excuse to indulge in our favourite Christmas treats, as well as play with bold new hair and make-up looks. These may however, ultimately take their toll on the skin, making it look dull or tired.

We all know it’s so tempting to reach for your favourite creams to help combat the effects of the cold weather, but too many products can end up clogging your pores! We've put together some of our favourite hydrating products that will holiday proof your skin this Christmas!

Some of our favourite Skin Care products to help keep your skin looking flawless during the Winter Months are our Sheet Masks, Beauty Base and Hydrate Hold.

Our Sheet Masks really help to give that extra burst of hydration to the skin and leaves you looking super refreshed, hydrated and it works fantastically as a great prep before your makeup.

We also love to start our base off with our Beauty Base 3 in 1 Facial Primer. It’s packed with hyaluronic acid, SPF 30 (you still need your SPF even when the sun isn't shining!) and it leaves the skin with a stunning strobe like effect, so you’ll glow through Winter! 

For a more intense hydration to the skin, we love a good spritz of our Hydrate & Hold Facial Spray. 

It also has Hyaluronic Acid for skin hydration - spray as many times as you need throughout the day for a quick touch up! The zesty lemon extract helps to control skin’s oils and to help keep your makeup on for longer, and the Centella Asiatica extract to strengthen skin barriers and prevent ageing! 

It’s such a great product to give your skin a plumper, hydrated look and helps to keep your makeup on for longer! 

Of course, we can’t forget that the most important thing is to use makeup products that are good for your skin and help to protect it. We are absolutely obsessed with our Second Skin 100% Mineral Foundation and our all time favourite concealers - Brighten Up and Complete Cover Up.

Second Skin gives you such a lightweight but flawless complexion, leaving the skin looking naturally airbrushed with minimal product and application. Top Tip - We love to mix our Beauty Base and Second Skin together for a quicker application and glowing finish on the skin! 

If you feel you need that extra bit of coverage for your festive look, you can always go in with a touch of our Brighten Up and Complete Cover Up Concealers, which are also full of mineral makeup goodness! 

Some other little tips we would recommend is to keep a lip balm and hand cream with you for a quick moisturising boost.

And there you have it! Some quick and easy steps to keep your skin looking beautifully radiant during the Christmas season!

Let us know if you have any other great tips for us @sculptedbyaimee x