The Power of SPF

March 08, 2021

4 minutes Read

The Power of SPF

SPF; What is it? And why does our skin need it?

Let's start with the basics.

The sun emits two types of UV radiation that reach our skin: UVA and UVB. Both types are harmful to unprotected skin, but how they go about doing that differs.

Knowing how UVA and UVB rays and their ultraviolet light differs is essential to understanding the need for broad-spectrum sun protection. 

Broad Spectrum protection basically means that the SPF is covering both UVA and UVB to its full potential to keep your skin as protected as possible!
UVA rays are considered the sun’s silent killers because, unlike UVB rays, you don’t feel the effects of UVA rays damaging your skin. You know those days where you think ‘Ah its cloudy I wont need my SPF’… you’re wrong!

Those are the days where UVA rays are shining the most and our skin is at risk, so SPF is key no matter what! 

UVA rays penetrate farther into skin than UVB rays, steadily destroying key substances in the skin that give it its firmness and elasticity. In other words, not only will SPF broad spectrum protect us, but it'll also help against wrinkles or on a more important scale... prevent the cause of skin cancer!

UVB light is quite powerful also. It is directly responsible for sunburn and other visible changes to skin’s surface, including discolourations. Some of us will suffer from skin pigmentation or sun spots. UVB radiation also plays a role in skin cancers.

The great news is, you've come to the right place for all your SPF needs! We have developed three amazing products packed full of SPF for your daily protection against the sun's harmful rays; Beauty Base, Tint & Glow and Second Skin.

Our Beauty Base family ranges from SPF 30 - 50 broad spectrum protection!

The base formula of our beauty bases all contain Hyaluronic Acid for skin hydration and Peptides for skin-plumping & conditioning. Beauty Base Original,  Pearl and Rose Golden all contain SPF 30 broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays while also containing Light-reflecting pearlized pigments for a gorgeous glow to the skin, they simply vary from original being the most glow and pearl being the least!

Beauty Base Protect however contains SPF 50 broad spectrum protection and instead of there being a pearlescent glow to the primer, it is a universal peach tint to even out all skin tones! 

The great thing about Beauty Base is that whilst you're receiving your SPF protection , it also gives the skin a blurring effect so you can wear this on its own for your no makeup days. You still receive all the same skin loving ingredients and SPF protection no matter which one you choose.

Next in the line up of skin loving products that provide you with that much needed SPF Protection is Tint & Glow our skin enhancer!

A sheer and glowy base with just enough coverage to even out your skin tone. It contains Hyaluronic Acid for hydration and Niacinamide for smoothing!

Tint & Glow is also going to give you two layers of protection! It contains SPF30 broad spectrum to protect against UVA and UVB rays, but also contains carrot extract to provide blue light protection from harmful blue rays from our screens!

Blue light rays are the rays emitted from our screens, laptops, phones, tvs etc, these rays are shorter and therefore have more energy, they can be very harmful to our skin and cause changes in our skin cells! The carrot extract in Tint & Glow acts as a defensive barrier on the skin to protect against these rays.

We also cannot forget about our beloved Second Skin Foundation with an SPF of 50! Second Skin is our 100% mineral foundation with a medium, buildable coverage that leaves the skin looking illuminated and radiant.

We love our breathable formula that gives coverage to the skin, and provides lots of added skin benefits so you can feel guilt free and protected when wearing it. 

The best thing is? There's no flashback so you don't have to worry about looking like a ghost in any of your photos thanks to the talc-free formula, and it is available in 30 shades, so rest assured there is a shade for everyone!

For adequate protection you should be using 2 finger length pumps of your SPF, we've more information on this in our blog on how much product you should be using!

You can be assured that by choosing to wear both of these amazing products, your skin will remain protected and perfected for the entire day.

 And without being biased.. at least when you wear our Beauty Base,  Tint & Glow  and Second Skin Foundation, you're not only protected for the entire day, but your skin still looks absolutely flawless and naturally radiant 😏

(Yes we just loudly patted ourselves on the back!)

So without being scare mongers.. the main message is to wear your SPF everyday and you’ll be doing yourself and your skin a big favour!

We hope you learned something new from this blog and remember... always wear your SPF!

Love Aimee & Team x