The Best Makeup Products for a Skiing Holiday

March 04, 2022

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The Best Makeup Products for a Skiing Holiday

Whether it’s your first time hitting that nursery slope or you’ve trained yourself to be a pro at gliding down the black slopes, one thing you’ll always need to be so careful of when skiing, is how you treat your skin. With sun holidays we tend to reach for the higher SPF and cute bikinis, but with a ski holiday, you need to focus on hydration, protective skin products and layers of cosy knits and jackets to help you beat that big freeze. 

Aimee recently took her family skiing to the fabulous Chamonix slopes in France, and as always, she looked as glowy and hydrated as ever. Although you may not feel like getting very glam to go and roll around in the snow, we know there are lots of you, who like us, just love to look & feel ‘put together’ so we caught up with Aimee to steal her protected glowing skin tips & tricks. 

First things first, hydration. It’s an idea to start this the night before with a hydrating mask like our Hydration Heroes. Just 20 minutes of chill time in the evening with one of these sheet masks ensures your skin is getting a cool & calming drink of hydration that’s infused with Ylang Ylang Oil to condition the skin, Huang Qin to soothe the skin and of course, Hyaluronic Acid for maximum hydration. 

The best thing about these Hydration Heroes is that you can apply the sheet mask when it suits you for that initial hydration treatment, but you’ll also still have so much excess serum remaining inside the packet that you can use as your hydrating serum in both the morning and evening, for the rest of your trip. 

Although you are surrounded by snow and you may not feel the heat of the sun, you know all too well just how important your SPF is. 

You can be sure those UV rays are just waiting to peek through and damage your skin as you fly down the slopes. After your morning cleanse and skincare routine, (which will now feature hydrating serum from your mask), Aimee recommends adding 3 pumps of Beauty Base all over the face for SPF30 protection and of course, a beautiful glow. Not only will Beauty Base give you protection against UVA & UVB rays, it also contains hyaluronic acid and skin nourishing peptides that will help to further hydrate & moisturise the skin. 

Next up, you may want to add a little bit of coverage. For this, Aimee suggests using Tint & Glow Skin enhancer. It’s so lightweight that it feels like you are just wearing moisturiser but what Tint & Glow actually does is exactly as the name suggests. It tints the skin with a sheer, lightweight coverage, and adds an unbeatable glow. Not only that, it’s a mineral formula with a unique blend of hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to help keep the skin feeling and looking hydrated and bright all day long. You’ll also find SPF30 in there, so you know you have that added extra layer of protection from your makeup base too. 

We all love a bit of Après-ski but if you feel like the prosecco is taking its toll and your under eyes start to appear a little less bright, that's where Brighten Up concealer comes in. Aimee recommends applying a small amount of this mineral, liquid concealer to the inner corner & outer corner of the under eye area. The inner corner is usually where most people find their dark circles to be the darkest, and by simply applying a small amount at the outer corners, you’ll end up with a gorgeous instantly ‘lifted’ result. Brighten Up, like Tint & Glow, also contains Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide, so you can be sure your under eyes are getting the same amount of love and care as the rest of your face. 

Now that your skin is fully protected, hydrated & flawless, all you really need to do to complete your look is to add a little definition to the eyes and some natural colour to the cheeks. 

Of course, for the eyes it has to be the only one you’ll ever need.. MyMascara. This ultra black formula adds volume, lengthens and defines the eyes from the first swipe and conditions your lashes while you wear it with pro vitamin B5. It’s also super easy to build up on the lashes if you do fancy adding more coats for a more dramatic effect. 

For some cheek colour, it really wouldn’t be Aimee if Liquid Lights Rosy Glow wasn’t included. This is a liquid blush with a deep pink, rosy hue and it couldn’t be any easier to apply. Simply squeeze a small amount onto the back of your hand and heat it up with your fingers before pressing it into the apples of the cheeks. This gives a super natural and radiant finish that looks amazing on all ages.  

One last thing, you really can’t forget your lips. They’ll suffer from both the cold weather and the sun so they’ll need something extra moisturising, like Beauty Balm. This is a universal skin salve so you can literally apply it anywhere that needs it. Lips, cuticles, as a hand cream, under the eyes and to any areas that you feel need an extra bit of TLC. 

It’s got shea butter to smooth and soften the skin and cica to help strengthen the skin's natural barrier. 

So there you have our round up of the top products you’ll need to take with you on a ski trip for protected, hydrated & glowing skin. 

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