5 Reasons You Need Beauty Base In Your Life!

January 11, 2021

3 minutes Read

5 Reasons You Need Beauty Base In Your Life!

Let's talk all things Beauty Base!

Beauty Base is an OG in the Sculpted family, and is a core product in our makeup collection! Beauty Base is our innovative three in one primer that contains hyaluronic acid, packed full of SPF30 and it leaves the skin with a stunning strobe-like effect.

It's a favourite amongst many of our customers and we have heard such amazing feedback on how it has been used in various ways as part of your makeup and skincare routine.

Let's see what all the benefits of Beauty Base are and why it's such a loved product!


1. Suitable for all skin tones

Beauty Base is available in two luminous shades: Beauty Base Original which has a subtle golden finish and its sister product, Beauty Base Pearl which leaves a more pearlescent finish on the skin. Both shades are totally complimentary to any skin tone, it's a matter of preference. Beauty Base Original golden hue can really set off a tan nicely and Beauty Base Pearl has a more subtle pearl finish for those with a fairer complexion, but it is all about how you like to wear it! 



2. It's a multipurpose product!

The great thing about Beauty Base is that it is so multipurpose and can be used in a variety of ways. We love to wear it on its own to give the skin a hint of radiance and it has a gorgeous blurring effect to even out any imperfections. 

You can also wear it under makeup to work as your moisturising primer, SPF protection and glow all in one so you don't have to worry about overloading your base with multiple products when you can receive all the great benefits in one!

You can also mix it into your Second Skin for a quicker application on the go and to lighten your makeup for a more natural finish to your base. We recommend applying it to the skin with our Buffer Brush or Beauty Buffer Complexion Brush to speed up the process and your base will be finished in seconds!


3. Bye Bye Dehydrated Skin!

It's that time of year where our skin can be somewhat more dehydrated than normal. If you feel like your skin is suffering at the moment pop some Beauty Base on over your serum in the mornings and give your skin that extra boost of hyaluronic acid and peptides that plump and condition the skin.

And the bonus here is that luminous glow that gives your skin a helping hand to looking dewy and radiant as if lit from within! 



As you can see the only difference between the two is the colour of the glow. You still receive all the same added benefits of a moisturiser, primer and your SPF protection all in one!

4. Suitable for all Skin Types

Beauty Base is also designed to suit all skin types from dry and sensitive to oily or combination skin. With hyaluronic acid for that added hydration and your SPF coverage it really is a go-to for all ages and skin types. 

Top Tip: If you feel you have a shiny T-Zone you might have a preference for Beauty Base Pearl as it has a more subtle glow than the original finish! 


5. Not just for the face!

Did you know that Beauty Base can be used on other parts of your body?  Get that glowing finish all over and apply using a buffer brush to the collar bones and down the fronts of your legs for a gorgeous blurred effect that will give you a photo ready effect all day long! 

Check out our TikTok video of Beauty Base on the legs that has over 300,000 views! Make sure to check it out at Sculptedbyaimee to see the fabulous results for yourself! 

We cannot live without Beauty Base and it is such a hero product in our makeup collection!

What's your favourite thing about Beauty Base? Let us know @sculptedbyaimee xx