Skinimalism: How to with Sculpted

July 16, 2021

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Skinimalism: How to with Sculpted

If you’re a Sculpted Lover, you’ve probably heard the phrase #FilterFreeFaces thrown around quite a bit. We believe that what you see online should always be Filter Free and match what you would see in real life! We don’t have time for filters and perfection, we just want to see real skin on real people and help them feel great about it! 



This is why we were very excited to hear about Skinimalism becoming one of the top trends of the year. This ‘less is more’ approach of paring back on products and letting real skin shine through is just right up our street. 

So what is Skinimalism? 

Skinimalism focuses on simplifying your skincare and makeup routine, combining the two together where possible and cutting out any extra or unnecessary steps. It’s about focusing on what your skin needs, while working towards a healthy, glowing base. 

Of course, Full glam will always have its place for occasions & nights out etc , but for general day to day it’s just not about covering up anymore. It’s time to enhance and embrace our natural skin with all of its pores and textures, and we couldn’t be any more in favour of it. 


Gone are the days of the 11 step skincare routine, layering cleansers and toners and serums and lotions and potions, which all promise to give the same effect. Now, it’s time to really assess your skin and ask yourself  ‘What does my skin really need?” 

No two skins are the same, however, we believe that everyone needs a cleanser, a serum specific to your skin type, a moisturiser & an SPF. Really, it’s that simple, and dermatologists have said that this paired back routine actually sees more benefits for the skin, rather than overloading it with numerous active ingredients and acids which can sometimes upset the natural pH of the skin and cause it to react. 

Skinimalism Skincare seems to shine a lot of focus on targeting dehydration especially, with less concern over breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles. Dehydration occurs when the skin is lacking water, and needs something to quench its thirst. Ingredients like glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid work as Hydration heroes for this skin condition, along with making sure you are hydrated on the inside too. *Reminder: Drink a glass of water & spray some Hydrate & Hold!




Hydrate & Hold is a staple here at Sculpted, it sits on our desks, in our handbags and even on our night stands. Why? Well, we believe you can never have enough hydration, and in a world full of pollution and mask wearing, our skin can become dehydrated and dull throughout the day - a quick fix is a spritz of our hydrating skin mist. Not only will it refresh and rehydrate the skin, it also fixes makeup and controls oil build up, so for us, Hydrate & Hold is essential for all skin types, but especially those prone to dehydration. 


Cutting down on your makeup bag contents is also a really big part of this Skinimalism trend. Less is more as the saying goes, and the aim is to use as little products as possible, while still achieving a protected and beautiful base. 

Of course, the top of our list and number one product recommendation for this trend would have to be Tint & Glow. This is our lightweight skin enhancer that acts as a sheer coverage, glowing base. It really could be called ‘Skinimalism in a tube’ to be honest! It has broad spectrum SPF30 & carrot root extract for blue light protection in there, so you are already cutting down on the products you need to use beforehand too. It’s packed with Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide in a smoothing, moisturising formula and it really is the perfect definition of marrying makeup and skincare together. You could pop this on by itself after your simplified skincare routine and leave it at that, or you could add a couple more things to really level up your glow for this trend. 

Before Skinimalism was even a trend, our Girlboss Aimee Connolly got to work on simplifying our skincare routine by creating a 3-in-1 primer that prepares the skin for makeup, protects from UVA & UVB broad spectrum rays and gives a gorgeous glow to the skin. We’d recommend popping Beauty Base on before Tint & Glow for a radiant and protected finish. Packed with skin loving peptides that encourage smoother and younger looking skin, Beauty Base comes in two tones. Beauty Base Original will leave a stunning golden glow on the skin and Beauty Base Pearl will leave a more subtle, pearlescent glow. You can of course also just wear this alone, as many people do, for a simple, protected and healthy glow.

Next up on our Skinimalism list is Brighten Up concealer, this needs a mention because it’s not just a regular concealer, it’s Good-For-You ingredients actually help to target under eye dark circles while you wear it. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates while Niacinamide brightens and works against the under eye circles. It's lightweight and gentle enough to use around the delicate eye area but it also gives a beautiful coverage that still looks like real skin. If you really wanted to pair things back, you could pop this on where needed over Beauty Base and skip adding more base products altogether. And if you’re looking for added coverage that won’t clog your pores and allows the skin to breathe, look no further than our Complete Cover Up Concealer which helps to blur any areas of redness or irritation, while still being super kind to your skin. 

You could stop there, but whether we are being minimal or not, it just wouldn’t be a Sculpted look if we didn’t include some kind of blush. Cream Luxe are more than perfect to suit this trend due to their buildable and multi purpose nature. Whether you prefer a pink or peachy blush finish (Cream Luxe have both Pink Supreme & Peach Pop in the range) they can also double up as a lip colour, helping you to cut back on your makeup bag contents, but also achieve a really tonal and well matched makeup look. And if you’re looking for that illuminated, ‘lit-from-within’ glow, try Liquid Lights on the highpoints of the face - Skinimalism with a serious glow!! 



That’s our Sculpted take on Skinimalism, we pride ourselves on creating multi purpose products to suit everyone so this trend comes quite naturally for us. Less is always more, as is showing real skin in all of its textured glory - because we all have it and it’s completely normal - right?! 

What are your thoughts on Skinimalism? Will you be cutting back on the products you use? 

We’d love to see you take on this trend, make sure to tag us in your Sculpted looks using #filterfreefaces & @ sculptedbyaimee 

Lots of Love, 

Aimee & Team xxx