Sculpted's Top 5 Tips Using Cream Products

May 21, 2021

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Sculpted's Top 5 Tips Using Cream Products

“I think Cream Products are the best ingredient for a youthful & fresh faced complexion and every makeup bag should have them”  Aimee Connolly. 

I think we can all agree that Creams are having their moment this year. From creamy glowy bases (oh hey, Tint & Glow) to creamy finishing products like cream bronzer, blush & highlight (what’s up Cream Luxe), the market is becoming more and more full of creamy goodness, and we definitely aren’t complaining!

To celebrate our fabulous Cream Luxe being back in stock, we thought we would share with you some of our top tips when it comes to using cream formulas. 


Tip #1: Understand the difference 


Cream products leave a more hydrating and smooth finish on the skin, they are saturated in colour but they are easy to sheer out or build up to your desired finish.You can be guaranteed a fresh faced, glowy finish when using creams. 

Powders on the other hand leave a more matte and velvety finish. The colour pay off can be a little harder to control, as they are easy to build up just like creams are, but they can be harder to sheer out if you use too much from the start. 


This brings us to tip number 2...

Tip #2: Less is more 


It’s safe to say the ‘less is more’ rule is one we are very fond of here at Sculpted (unless we are talking about glow and then we just can’t hold back)  It’s so easy to add more product, but it’s not as easy to take it away or fix it up if you have used too much. By starting with a small amount of product and building as you go , you can stay in control of your application from start to finish. Cream formulas especially are so buildable that you can really layer them up until you're happy with the amount of colour/pigment, so take your time and enjoy the process. 


Tip #3: Know your Skin type

It goes without saying that creamy and hydrating formulas are very complimentary on normal to dry, mature or dehydrated skin, but that doesn’t mean that our oily skin guys & gals can’t love them too. It’s all about what you pair it with. If you are oily, you can still use creams, we would just suggest to set the face lightly with a translucent powder around the areas of the face that would be prone to extra shine or oil, usually this is the t-zone or centre of the face, 

(forehead, sides of the nose and chin,) this will mattify any extra shiny areas while still maintaining a glow in all the right places. 


Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to mix textures 

For a stronger more ‘out out’ makeup look or even just to extend the wear time of your cream products, you can always double up and use both cream and powder together. Just make sure to apply the cream products first before any powder. You see, when you try to apply a cream or a liquid over a powder, it can start to lift off your base products, stick together in all the wrong places and really just leave more unwanted texture on the skin. 


For Example: 

Apply Cream Luxe Light/Medium bronzer, Pink Supreme Blush & Pearl Pop Glow then to intensify or set that, take Beauty Blocks ‘Light’ and use Medium Matte Bronzer to set the cream bronze, Pink Peony Blush to set the cream blush and Rose Gold Glow Highlight to set the cream glow. 

(Yep, it really is that simple) 


Tip #5- Use the right tools 

The beauty of cream products is that your fingertips will always work. So if you haven’t cleaned your brushes in a while, you literally have creamy goodness right at your fingertips. Using your hands helps the product to melt into the skin, we suggest applying with one finger and blending with another, but using your fingers can also be a messier application and if your hands aren’t clean first, you can end up spreading bacteria & oil around your face. If using your hands, make sure to tap or pat the product in rather than rub, you don’t want to disturb your makeup underneath by rubbing.  

 We love using both our hands and a brush, our perfection duo brush is the perfect tool for applying cream cheek products. With a fluffy angled brush on one side and a mini buffer brush on the other, you have everything you need to apply & blend. Using a brush is going to give you the most blended finish and it allows for the most precise application. 


We recommend trying both ways and seeing what you prefer because at the end of the day it’s all down to personal preference. 

And there you have it, our top 5 tips for using cream products. 

If you are anything like us here at Sculpted and if you’ve read this far, you are probably waiting for some product recommendations. 

To jump on the creamy buzz with us, we suggest trying our brand new skin enhancer Tint & Glow. It gives a sheer glowy coverage that’s perfect for summer or wearing under your mask, it also contains SPF30 mineral sunscreen and blue light protection from our screens and it has a beautiful hydrating & smoothing formula. Read all about Tint & Glow here!

To dress up your now perfected glowy base, add some Cream Luxe bronzer, blush & highlight in your preferred shades. Cream Luxe are a little more stubborn than your usual cream products on the market, and this is something we wanted to do on purpose so that they are easily controlled on the skin without slipping and sliding around the face. You can also double up and use Cream Luxe on the eyes and lips too. Follow our step by step guide here

What do you think? Are you joining us on the creamy glow train? 


Let us know and make sure to tag us in your creamy looks, @ sculptedbyaimee #filterfreefaces


Lots of love, 

Aimee & Team xx