Mineral Makeup and our Winter Skin Saviours

November 10, 2020

3 minutes Read

Mineral Makeup and our Winter Skin Saviours

The Winter months have arrived and whilst we’re a big fan of the cozy nights in, Christmas Time and changing up our style, the change in weather can have an impact on our skin. 

Cold temperatures and low levels of humidity result in dry air that can leave our skin super dry, cracked and in need of a massive moisture boost. 

Here at Sculpted, we’re all about adding moisture back into the skin to keep your complexion protected, perfected whilst still maintaining a youthful, natural glow- even during the cold months. Let’s take a look at some of our bundles and why they’re beneficial for your skin!

First up we have our Skin Saviours Bundle, which includes our beloved products, Beauty Base Pearl and Hydrate & Hold.

Our Skin Saviours will keep your skin hydrated, protected and perfected. Our Beauty Base Pearl leaves the skin with a gorgeous, pearlescent finish and your skin stays refreshed thanks to our Hydrate & Hold facial spray. You can even use Hydrate & Hold before makeup application and after for that extra drink of hydration for the skin. 

Next up we have our Complexion Kit Bundle. We love this bundle because it has all of our favourite Mineral Makeup Products including our Second Skin 100% Mineral Foundation, Brighten Up and Complete Cover Up Concealers

Not only does Mineral Makeup mean healthier skin, it also has a built in SPF for all round protection, it’s super long-lasting and it’s non-comedogenic so it won’t cause you any irritation and certainly won’t lead to any breakouts! (Sensitive Skin Approved! 🙋)

We love our Second Skin Mineral Foundation as it has a medium, buildable coverage that leaves the skin looking perfected and hydrated. It comes in two finishes, both matte and dewy. Depending on what finish you prefer, you can be assured that your skin will still remain hydrated without setting into any areas, thanks to our breathable formula. With so many benefits to it you get such great coverage and you will always feel guilt free when wearing it!

The Perfect Partners to go with our Second Skin Foundation is of course our Brighten Up and Complete Cover Up Concealers. Our Brighten Up Concealer refines the appearance of delicate skin and provides a boost of hydration to the under-eye area. It contains antioxidant protection and collagen stimulation thanks to the brightening pearlescent particles within.

Our Complete Cover Up Concealer is oil free and leaves the skin with a soft focus, matte finish. We understand that during the Winter months your skin can appear with a bit more redness and pigmentation. That’s why this little pot of joy is great for any of these areas that may need an extra touch of coverage, and doesn’t leave the skin feeling caked. It really does enhance your complexion without masking it. We’re all about enhancing your natural features rather than covering them up! 

Another great little bundle to have is our Glow Bundle. You get your 3 in 1 Beauty Base Primer which of course provides you with a moisturized and glowing complexion, but it also comes with our luxurious Liquid Lights Gilded Glow Highlighter, which is the finishing touch to your look. It has a gorgeous Champagne Gold highlight that leaves the skin with a luminous radiance and can be applied with a small brush or simply with the warmth of your fingers!


Top off your look with a bit of colour on the lips thanks to our new Very Berry or Ruby Rouge Lip Duo and there you have it- a full look but with the added benefits of knowing your skin is protected and has all the hydration it needs to take on the cold weather! 

Have you any more tips on how you like to give your skin that extra dosage of hydration?

Let us know @sculptedbyaimee xx