Makeup Bag Refresh - Summer Edition

July 03, 2023

4 minutes Read

Makeup Bag Refresh - Summer Edition

Are you counting down the days until your summer holiday? Whether you’ve decided to dedicate your summer to basking in the sun poolside or planning an adventurous staycation away, we’ve got your back when it comes to this season’s makeup essentials.

To equip you for all of these outings and activities, we’ve pulled together a list of absolute must-haves that are perfect for on-the-go. There’s no need to go and overhaul your entire makeup collection, but taking the time to dispose of any expired products to make room for these summer heroes might just be what your makeup kit deserves.

Makeup Bag Containing Sculpted Essentials for Summer

Body Base

Body Base glides seamlessly onto the skin due to its hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter. If you’re looking for a bronzed goddess’ type of glow that simultaneously gives a skin-blurring effect, make sure you leave room to add this product to your travel makeup bag.

Body Base is available in 2 finished, Matte and Shimmer, and 2 shades; Light & Medium. With its water-resistant formula, you can enjoy a dip in the sea or pool and rest assured you’ll emerge from the water streak-free! Most importantly, Body Base will not only tint and blur your skin but also protect your skin’s barrier through the aid of Broad Spectrum SPF30.

Aimee’s Top Tip:

Apply on bare skin or over a developed tan with our Deluxe Tanning brush for flawless, airbrushed results. Keep a mini Body Base tube in your SOS kit to top up your tan wherever you may be.

Model with Body Base

Beauty Base Protect

Beauty Base Protect is your one-stop shop for moisturising, priming and protecting your skin in just one easy application. We cannot stress how essential it is to incorporate an SPF component into your daily skincare routine. Beauty Base Protect gives maximum protection with a higher factor SPF50. The formula comes in a universal peach tint to even out all skin tones and leaves the skin naturally glowing and shimmer free.

Ingredients in the formula such as Hyaluronic Acid will give your skin long-lasting hydration, while Peptides provide all your necessary skin-plumping and conditioning needs.

Top Tip:

Apply 2 full fingers full of Beauty Base Protect after your serum or moisturiser for daily UV protection. Massage in well with your hands and don’t forget to bring it onto the neck and ears.

Model with Beauty Base Protect


If you're looking for that lightweight coverage product that lets your skin breathe in the summer air, we couldn’t recommend HydraTint enough. Our team has perfected the formula to ensure it hydrates while simultaneously mattifying your skin, evening out the complexion and allowing your skin to breathe. 90% of HydraTint’s formula is made up of skincare ingredients, such as Centella Asiatica Water and Ceramides which aid in calming your skin, protecting the skin’s barrier and boosting your skin’s integrity.

HydratTint is available in 20 flexible shades providing a natural sheer-veil coverage for all skin tones. Honestly, it’s been a little hard to keep this one in stock.

Top Tip:

Apply HydraTint after your moisturiser or SPF using your fingers or our Sculpted Complexion Brush. Blend a light layer onto the skin for a barely-there makeup look or pair with your favourite concealer to build more coverage. 

Before and After of a model wearing HydraTint

Cream Luxe Bronze 

If you’re looking for some effortless sunkissed definition, add a Cream Luxe Bronze straight into your makeup bag. Take your pick from our 4 shades;  light/medium, medium/dark, tan/dark and deep/dark depending on your skin tone. The compact mirror makes Cream Luxe Bronze super easy to apply the product on the go and the result is a natural, subtle yet defined look.

Top Tip:

Using our Perfecting Duo Brush apply the product to the hollows of the cheeks and around the hairline for a bronzed and lifted look.

Model holding Cream Luxe Bronze


The lip product of the summer season has to be, HydraLip. Our tinted lip balms protect your lips from UV rays with SPF25. HydraLip is also infused with Hyaluronic Acid for long-lasting hydration and Jojoba Seed Oil to nourish and keep the lips moisturised. Available in 6 balmy shades, this is the ultimate lightweight and protective lip balm your summer makeup bag needs.  

Top Tip:

Apply your favourite lip liner to define the lips and finish with Hydralip for an ultra-balmy, hydrated & nourished finish! Due to the ultra-smooth consistency, you can also use HydraLip on your cheeks. Just dab the product on lightly using your fingertips to achieve a natural summer-flushed look in seconds!

Model applying HydraLip

Sun Mist

Are you someone who struggles to top up your SPF during the day? We get it, you’ve spent half the morning popping on your makeup, and you don’t want to go and ruin it with a creamy SPF. This is where Sun Mist comes in. Sun Mist is our SPF50 spray mist that works under and over makeup to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and ensure you can top up your SPF whenever and wherever you are.

The next time you’re running out the door and realise you’ve forgotten to apply any sunscreen before foundation, spray the product generously on your face, neck and ears. Sun Mist is invisible in colour, leaves no white cast or chalky feeling like other SPF products can do, and it also moisturises your skin with our Vitamin E and Apricot oil extracts.

Top Tip:

Pop it into your bag and reapply every two hours to ensure ultimate protection against UVA and UVB rays. 

To learn more about the importance of SPF check out another blog post we have written here; The Power of SPF.

Model with Sun Mist SPF50

Last Note

And that’s it, a simple refresh to keep your makeup bag topped up and ready for Summer. If you had to choose only one product from the list above to add to your makeup bag this summer, which would it be?

Make sure to pop us a DM on Instagram (@sculptedbyaimee) and let us know. 

Lots of love,

Team Sculpted xx