The Perfect Nudes- Introducing our Undressed Lip Duo Collection!

January 27, 2021

3 minutes Read

The Perfect Nudes- Introducing our Undressed Lip Duo Collection!

Say hello to our brand new Undressed Lip Duo Collection.

Our favourite lip duos are now available in three brand new, stunning, nude shades; Naked, Nude and Bare. 

Each lip duo consists of a deeper lip liner on one side and a creamy lipstick on the other, although if you are a fan of our current lip duo range, you will notice that our new Undressed collection are less shiny and feature a slightly more satin finish for some extra staying power. Don’t worry though, they still give the same hydration and comfortability to the lips. 

Our New Shades: 

Naked: a soft pink nude with a  deeper rose brown liner and a lighter neutral pink lipstick.

Nude: a classic warm toned nude featuring a sandy brown liner and a neutral lipstick.

Bare: a rich nude which boasts a deep brown liner with a warm brown lipstick.

A nude lipstick is essential to any makeup bag as it will literally go with anything. It can enhance any look in just one swipe and when you find the ‘perfect nude’ for you, it really is a gamechanger! 

But, finding the perfect nude isn’t always easy. You want your lipstick to enhance your features, to make your eyes pop and brighten your complexion, therefore choosing the right one is essential. 

For example, Fair skin tones can appear washed out if they choose a nude that isn’t right for them, so we would suggest avoiding really pale nudes here and opt for something with a little more depth and colour, like Naked or Bare. 

For Light-Medium skin tones, we would suggest not taking your ‘perfect nude’ any lighter than your skin tone, unless used in an ombre effect with a deeper lip liner. Something with the perfect balance of tone that is just slightly deeper than your skin, will add dimension and character to your face. 

You can really take your pick of all three new shades here. 

For Deeper skin tones, again we recommend trying to find a shade that is just slightly deeper than your own skin. Beautiful Rich lipsticks suit beautiful rich skin tones and the power to the perfect nude here lies within the lip liner. Shaping and adding definition to the lips with a deeper lip liner first, means you can apply just about any nude to the centre of the lips to create the perfect pout. 


Just as a red or deeper colour lipstick may make a statement, a nude lip also tells its own story, whether it is paired with a dramatic smokey eye for some balance, or a ‘no makeup makeup’ look as the finishing touch!

Top Tip:

If you want your lipstick to last longer throughout the day, firstly fill in your lips with the liner before adding the lipstick. This will give the lipstick something to cling to, helping it to last that little bit longer. 

The perfect nude should make you feel powerful and ready to take on the day, even if it’s the only makeup product you are wearing. With Undressed, you now have three more power poses to add to your collection.