How To Top Up Your SPF Throughout The Day

August 25, 2022

4 minutes Read

Sun Mist being held in the sky

First things first: If you're going to be out in the sun for prolonged periods of time, it's so important to know that you need to re-apply SPF every 2-3 hours to help protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Sun Mist being held in the sky

While that seems like a good idea, in theory, the real question is: how can we re-apply face SPF if we are wearing makeup, without completely ruining it?

First Up: The Base

The trick is to start with a solid SPF base. Ideally, you need to finish your skincare routine with a strong SPF every morning, whether you are wearing makeup or not. Not only can SPF protect your skin from harmful UV rays, it’s also one of the best anti-aging products you can use in your routine. Many SPF products can also double up as something else such as an illuminator, a moisturiser or a primer, saving you that much needed time in the morning. For a solid base that acts a triple threat, try our all-in-one moisturising primer Beauty Base Protect. It contains broad spectrum SPF50, offers skin conditioning peptides for smooth & soft skin and it also acts as a moisturising primer to prep the skin for makeup.

Good to know: You need to use at least 2 full fingers of any SPF product to ensure maximum protection.

Coverage & Protection

Once you have chosen your solid SPF base, it’s time to think about how you’ll reapply that SPF in 2 hours, especially if you’re wearing makeup. Many makeup products contain SPF, but in reality, if you are relying on your makeup as your only sun protection, you may need to wear a whole lot more than you had hoped to to be fully protected (remember the 2 finger rule).

You can however, use makeup with SPF benefits to act as an extra layer of protection over your main SPF. If you’re on the hunt for a new SPF base, we strongly recommend checking out our SPF30 tinted moisturiser, Tint and Glow. India Knight once referred to it as “the best skin enhancer I’ve found in ages”. If you prefer a little more coverage, we also have our Second Skin foundation, which is available in both a Matte and Dewy formula. Second Skin is a medium buildable coverage mineral foundation with SPF50 that looks just like, wait for it.. A Second Skin!

Reapplication is Key

Aimee spraying Sun Mist to her face on the beach

Okay, back to reapplying SPF. You need something that can be easily layered over makeup, without being visible or smudging your glam, and that’s where Sun Mist comes in. Sun Mist is our newest addition to the Sculpted SPF family. It’s an invisible facial spray mist packed with broad spectrum SPF50 PA+++ and a blend of Vitamin E & Apricot Oil to moisturise and nourish the skin. Sun Mist SPF spray works beautifully both under and over makeup and it rehydrates and protects simultaneously. The chemical filters in this product will absorb the sun's damaging rays, preventing them from reaching your skin. They also blend into the skin seamlessly, meaning that Sun Mist will be completely undetectable on the skin!

How to Use

We recommend reapplying your SPF every 30 minutes if you are sitting directly in the sun (sunbathing by the pool- we see you), or every two-to-three hours if you are just out and about in the sun. To apply Sun Mist, simply shake the bottle, close your eyes and mist over the entire face, neck and ears. Hold the bottle about 15cm away from the face and allow the mist to fully absorb into the skin naturally before touching, no need to rub.

Top Tip: Keep Sun Mist in your handbag for regular top ups as you need them.

Sun Mist on the Beach

Recycling the Empties

And of course, Sun Mist can be accepted as part of our ReSculpted program. ReSculpted is our environmental initiative to encourage all of our customers to recycle their products with us. With ReSculpted, you can recycle your empty Sculpted products in exchange for Sculpted Points. It’s sustainability made easy! 

Final Note

Bottom line is, we all know how important SPF is and this is why we should be applying it daily (even if it's rainy or cloudy). This is because the clouds don't block the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Fortunately, with Sun Mist, keeping on top of SPF application whether you’re wearing makeup or not couldn’t be easier.

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