How To Contour!

May 17, 2019

4 minutes Read

How To Contour!

I started sculpted purely out of my love for contouring and how easy it can be, and I really believe it’s for all ages. So today I’m going to show you my easy way around contouring. I would never bother with the 6 creams and sponges and brushes, it’s fine to do but it just takes a lot more time so I think it all comes down to good placement, good product colour and good blending.


In these pics I'm using the pre-filled limited edition palette which includes the Pink Swoon blush which is only available in this palette. 




Starting with the bronzer and the fluffier end of our sculpted double ended brush (our new design has the bronze / highlight to guide you as to what side to use!) Start this right back where your cheek bone meets the ear. Naturally we’re so used to starting blusher from the front of the face but this is not the case for contour. Start this at the back so that you don’t show where your starting point is which makes it all look more natural.

Where the bone meets the ear, lift your hair up, and blend it just along the bone, the whole way until the end. Given that you’re starting with more product at the back your should naturally have less as you move in. If you want to go darker or more severe you just layer it, but I wouldn’t do it all at once, I would do it two, three or four times - however many you want! - to layer to be how contoured you want to be.

Bring it lightly around the hairline. If you’re conscious of having a larger forehead give yourself more bronzer here. And to contour the nose just skim the edge of the top of it so you’re not filling the entire side of the nose basically. This is great for slimming the nose too.



Cream Highlight 

This was originally put into my palette for my mature clients because it’s the best consistency for their age group, however, everyone needs to use this!!

If you’re sick or feeling tired, it’s literally like a second skin and it’s just amazing on.

I’m using Pearl Pop with my ring finger and I’m going to pop this along the tip of the cheekbone so it’s parallel to the bronzer, in a V shape up around the temple. You can also use it to highlight your eyebrows or around the tear duct. Tap the cream highlighter into the skin, the heat of your hand will help it to melt in. Try not pull it as it will take your foundation with it, pop some down the centre of the nose and the cupid’s bow, this is a really important area so don’t forget about that feature!



Powder Highlight

I’ve used the tapered end of the sculpting brush, this goes in the exact same areas as the cream, it just goes on top of it and you use a brush to apply. Swoop this along the tips of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and the cupid’s bow, and again you can use this as eyeshadow, like you can with all powder highlighters!

 You can wear either cream and powder highlight - Some people consider cream to be natural daytime look and their powder to be nighttime, or you can wear both! However, if you wear both always put cream first as the cream helps the powder to jump off it and helps it stand out more.




I’m using The Setter brush for this. You want your blusher to go on the plumpest part of the face because that’s where you’re most youthful, typically the apple’s of the cheeks for a lot of us. This is really important especially when you have your contour going on as you don’t want to go into competition with that or look too busy. Smile into your mirror - we all do it haha - and pop it into the apple’s of the cheeks, but wing it back in line with all your contouring so you’re not letting that go amiss.

So you don’t want to draw a pink stripe, but you do want to make sure you are angling it up so you are always elongating the face in a diagonal direction.


Some General Tips;

Make sure you don’t go too low - follow your bone the whole way and make sure you finish at it and don’t dip

Choose the right color contour for you. We have three shades of Bronzer in our new Custom Edition. Light Bronze is perfect if you’re fair or a light a natural contour. Medium Bronze is the best seller as you can wear it lightly or with tan and then Deep Bronze or rather Warm Bronze is perfect if you love a warm toned matte for contour or when you’re wearing a lot of tan. You can check them out here

If your contour is too thick you can usually save it by going back in with your foundation brush to sharpen it up - I wouldn’t do it all the time but it helps:)

Also Try not to over blend, the more you blend the more patchy it’s going to be , so when you come to the end just try and step back and say ok that’s nice and don’t go again! <3


Hope you found this helpful!

Lots of love, 

Aimee xx