Get The Look with Bonnie Ryan!

August 30, 2019

4 minutes Read

Get The Look with Bonnie Ryan!


Today I'm going to be going through the look that our gorgeous special guest of the night Bonnie Ryan created on the lovely Isabelle! We had a full house in our Sculpted Store last night, some bubbles and lots of makeup chat! 

Here's our lovely model Isabelle before makeup! 


Bonnie used our very own Beauty Base to prep Isabelle's skin for makeup. Actually one very interesting question from our audience was if Beauty Base gave flashback due to having SPF 30 broad spectrum protection - the short answer is no! There are lots of reasons for getting flashback aside from having SPF in your products, it's generally down to the mix of the formula, or if there is too much talc or powders in a product. If you're interested you can read our blog on flashback here!



Bonnie used the NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation for Isabelle's look. If your foundation is flawless everything else will follow!  One of Bonnie's top tips when it comes to foundation was to match it to your chest as this is the area that actually gets a little bit of colour especially in the summer, and then bring your foundation slightly down the neck, or bronze up the area to match! 

Bonnie used MAC Pro Longwear Concealer just underneath the eyes. Bonnie's Top Tip here is to pick a shade maybe one or two shades lighter than your foundation, not too white, as you just want to brighten the area not highlight it as such. To finish the base Bonnie set the face with some MAC Studio Waterweight Pressed Powder using the Sculpted Perfecter Brush! 



Contour, Highlight & Blush! 

Feel along your face for the cheekbone and apply your contour onto the bone, working along the bone from the cheek towards the ear. Bonnie used Medium Bronze from The Custom Edition for contour, lightly layering the effect rather than going in with too much product. When you apply contour directly to the bone rather than underneath, it lifts the face and gives a more youthful complexion. 

She then went in with the highlight end of the Double Ended Brush and popped Opal Glow onto the high points of the cheekbones bringing it slightly around the temple area in a C shape. She also used Champagne Cream Highlight on the nose and cupids bow. This is Bonnie's go-to for an Out Out night - Cream highlight followed by powder highlight (it's our fave too!!) 

I think anyone who follows Bonnie knows that she's a fan of the Sculpted Pinky Hues!! So keeping with her favourite she applied this to the apples of the cheeks bringing it back towards the contour to blend everything together! 






Using the spoolie end of The Angle Brush, Bonnie brushed Isabelle's brows right up to help define and fill in any gaps and staying as close to the natural brow shape as possible. Always thicken the brows from the top of the brow rather than the bottom and if you want to achieve a fluffy brow powder is a lovely easy option for this!



Bonnie used the Indian Wood Paint Pot from MAC to prime the eyes. This helps shadow go on so much easier and helps to decrease any fall out from your shadow.   When doing the eyes the focus was on something that everyone could achieve in an easy and stress free way! Bonnie used Opal Glow on the lids and MAC Cork all over the lid. Bonnie's top tip here for hooded eyes, it to lift your brow as your applying your shadow, and blend upwards and out. 



Then using The Taperer Brush, she applied Brown Down from MAC to the outer edge of the eye for a smokey effect and blended the whole look again using using The Blender Brush! 



For eyeliner, Bonnie went for Charlotte Tilbury Rock n Kohl, which is a gorgeous pencil liner that just goes on so smoothly. This was smudged all along the lash line, as close to the lashes as possible! And then using the angle brush again, blend it out slightly so that you can achieve a smokey flick & defined liner! To finish the look Bonnie used Charlotte Tilbury eye cheat on the waterline to brighten the eyes, and then popped individual lashes from Penney's the whole way across the eye using the Penney's Duo Glue. Finishing the eyes by adding a sweep of L'Oreal Million Lashes to the lashes for a full glam look! 



Another firm favourite from Bonnie is the Pink Edition Lip Quad! Using Bay from the Pink edition start in the middle of the bottom lip and slightly fill in the lip. This helps the longevity of you lipstick and prevents any bleed of lipstick also! She then popped Faux by MAC on top and a slick of Penney's lipgloss from Essence - which we couldn't find the name of, but believe us we did try!!! 




We had such a fab evening in store with Bonnie, she's just a dote! Thanks to everyone who attended, we hope you had a fab night, and we'll have lots more events coming in the next couple of months! 


Lots of love, 

Aimee xx