Get The Look - Clementine

April 04, 2019

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Get The Look - Clementine


This weeks Get The Look is on the gorgeous dancing with the stars stylist and all round style queen Clementine Macneice! We did this look in Sculpted The Academy for Clem’s 30th birthday party that night.


We prepped the skin with a primer that has a golden glow, packed full of moisturiser and an SPF so ideal for getting the skin ready for makeup. 


Clem has amazing skin so I mixed a little MAC Studio Fix and Nars Sheer Glow to create her base. These are two of my favourite foundations. MAC has more of a matte finish, and a little more coverage but lasts all night, and NARS gives a gorgeous glow. As it was Clem's 30th I knew she'd be in pics all night so I was conscious of not using anything that has flashback and a base that would last. I finished the base with MAC Blot Powder. This is a really handy powder to pop in your handbag for touch ups or if you feel you're getting oily.  




For Clem's contour I used Medium Bronze and the Sculpted Double Ended brush working it into the cheekbones, starting at the ear and finishing below the apple of the cheek. I used this on the sides of the nose and along the hair line. When you are contouring it's really important to use a smaller brush as you don't need too much product and want to lift the face! 

 Sculpted Double Ended Brush

I popped Pearl Pop Cream Highlight along the tips of the cheekbones and around the temple, just tapping it along with my ring finger, down the centre of the nose, and along the cupids bow. 

For powder highlight I used Golden Glow and the highlight end of the double ended brush, again, on the tips of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose, and on the cupids bow. I actually get lots of questions at Masterclasses about what powder highlight to wear with your cream highlight, and the truth is I created the whole custom edition to mix and match. Golden Glow does really suit a tan so it was the perfect addition to Clem's look.  

 And on the apples of the cheeks I used Sunset Sheen blush, using the Setter Brush and working it back slightly towards the contour! Sunset sheen is a lovely glowy blush in a peachy pink tone, so it suits most Irish Skintones! 



For Clem's eye makeup I used, MAC Woodwinked all over the lid using the blender brush and MAC Brown Down at the very edges to create a soft smokey eye using the definer brush blending all the while. Bring MAC Brown Down to the outer edges underneath the eye. I used individual lashes the whole way across the eye. Top Tip here is to always start with the longer lashes on the outside and then bring them in shorter on the inside towards the tear duct. I used duo glue for lashes and there’s also a latex free version if you’re allergic to that!

Clem already has lovely full brows, so I used Benefit Precisely Brow Shade 4 to define the brows a little more. Use in light strokes and fill in as needed! 





On Clem's lips I used Buff from the Sculpted Nude Lip Quad to line the lips and I then popped some MAC Peach Blossom on top which is a lovely creamy consistency and also give a little shine to the lips! 



We hope you enjoyed the edit! We'd love to hear from you - DM us on Insta @sculptedbyaimee with any beauty questions you have and we'll try and answer them on the blog! 


Lots of love, 

Aimee xx