Finding the right foundation for your skin type..

June 18, 2021

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Finding the right foundation for your skin type..

Determining your skin type is probably one of the most important parts of figuring out what makeup & skincare is going to work for you. 

Have you ever seen a dry skin wearing a completely matte foundation? The result isn’t really the most flattering, similarly an oily skin wearing a foundation that’s just too dewy for them results in a bit of a greasy mess, so how would you figure out what makeup to go for? 

Firstly, you need to know your skin type. 

Your skin type is the type of skin you are born with, it comes down to your genes and it usually stays with you forever, changing only due to different skin conditions that may occur as a result of certain factors like your environment, hormones, your diet and your skincare routine.

Skin types are usually categorised into Dry Skin, Oily Skin and Normal Skin. 

When you hear the term Combination skin, this just means that you have symptoms of any two of the skin types listed above. - e.g Normal to Dry/ Normal to Oily, you could also have dry cheeks and an oily t-zone. 

So What are the symptoms?

Dry Skin: 

This skin type usually lacks moisture and natural oils. It can feel rough and have patches that may flake off or appear to be scaly, in some severe cases of dry skin it can even crack and sometimes bleed. You’ll know your skin is dry if it feels tight, has a dull appearance and lacks a healthy glow. 

Dry Skin Test- How soon after getting out of the shower do you need to moisturise? If it’s immediately and you get that really tight ‘my skin might crack’ feeling, then you probably have a dry skin type. 

Oily Skin 

This skin type is usually quite shiny in appearance. If you look at the skin up close you’ll notice that the pores are quite large, especially around the t-zone area, nose and chin. Oily skin feels a little greasy to touch which is due to an over production of oil from the sebaceous glands. The downside to Oily skin is that it can be more prone to breakouts, but the upside is that it ages a lot slower than Dry skin, making you appear youthful for longer. 

Normal Skin 

Normal Skin is the kind of skin everyone wishes to have. It has no obvious pores, redness or breakouts, feels soft & smooth to touch and it essentially has a perfect balance of moisture  and oil! No major concerns either way and it has a beautiful radiant appearance! 

So what are Skin Conditions then?

Skin Conditions happen because of what your skin is exposed to externally or because of what’s happening to your body internally. Things like diet, hormones, stress, your skincare routine and environmental factors are some things that contribute to these conditions. 

There really are so many and we couldn’t possibly cover them all, however the ones that we would see most commonly in the makeup world are: 

  1. Acne prone skin= where breakouts can happen often and very easily
  2. Dehydrated skin= skin that lacks water and appears dull, this condition is prone to faster aging. 
  3. Mature skin= skin that is becoming thinner and more delicate with age
  4. Sensitive skin= skin that is prone to reactions or can become inflamed quickly

It’s important to note that these skin conditions can show up on any of the above Skin types. For example, you can have an oily skin type and still experience dehydration, as dehydration occurs when the skin is lacking water, not oil, and in this case, oil-free, hydrating products are better suited. 

As makeup artists, we like to leave the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions to the Skin experts. Our friends over at offer a wonderful virtual service if you feel you need some advice on your skin. 

We can however, help with the makeup recommendations and that is what we are here to do. 

What foundation suits the best? 

At Sculpted, we currently have three base options to choose from. 

Tint & Glow

Second Skin Dewy 

Second Skin Matte

We recommend Tint & Glow as a daytime base for those who don’t love a lot of coverage. It’s a sheer coverage that is lightweight and breathable and leaves the skin with a gorgeous glow. Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide work to hydrate & brighten the skin in this moisturising hybrid formula. 

Tint & Glow also contains SPF30 broad spectrum for protection and carrot root extract which protects the skin from blue light oxidative stress, a.k.a - our screens!


If you have dry or dehydrated skin, you’ll probably love Tint & Glow the most, but oily skins can still wear this too, it’s just about setting and controlling shine in all the right places like the t-zone, nose and chin. 


For those dry & dehydrated skins that like a little more coverage, we recommend Second Skin Dewy. Second Skin has a medium buildable coverage that you can build up. The dewy finish contains natural essential oils like lavender oil which help to calm the skin, Aloe vera oil which helps to soothe the skin, and collagen and chamomile oil that help to revive the skin and fight against premature aging. Those with a sensitive or mature skin condition will also love Second Skin Dewy as the oils are natural and won’t cause any reaction, and it also leaves a stunning glowy (dewy) finish which is complimentary on everyone. 

And then we have Second Skin Matte, which has all the same great benefits as Second Skin Dewy but instead, it’s oil free. So you’ll find the lavender and aloe vera in Second Skin Matte in the form of extracts rather than oils. It’s not your typical cakey matte as it still leaves the skin looking fresh and radiant. 

People with an oily skin type especially love Second Skin Matte as they can wear an oil free base that still allows them to look radiant. 


Both Second Skin formulas are mineral, hydrating with Hyaluronic Acid, talc free and contain SPF 50 broad spectrum protection. If you have a normal skin type, you can take your pick and choose whichever base sounds best to you! 

We hope this helps you choose the right base a little easier, and remember the best way to find out about your skin is to chat with an expert about it and have them examine it. 

We’d love to hear what base you think works best for your skin type? 

Let us know on @ sculptedbyaimee #sculptedbyaimee 

Lots of Love, 

Aimee & Team