The Ceramide Moisturiser Everyone’s Been Talking About

February 02, 2023

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The Ceramide Moisturiser Everyone’s Been Talking About

“CloudCream has been a long time in the making, even before HydraGlo so it’s a natural next step for us. I really believe the protection and repartition of the skin barrier after overuse of actives these last few years will be a key focus for people next. So, this Ceramide enriched formula is the perfect solution for that."

"I have been obsessed with ceramides these past few years so I'm super excited to welcome CloudCream™ to the Sculpted family. Not only does it work wonders for general skin health but it also gives a better foundation for a flawless makeup finish”. - Aimee Connolly 

What is CloudCream™️

CloudCream™️ is our brand new Nourishing Ceramide Moisturiser designed to lock in moisture, and repair and nourish dehydrated & sensitised skin. 

CloudCream Ceramide Moisturiser

How does CloudCream™️ work?

The CloudCream™️ formula is enriched with many Good-For-You ingredients that work to strengthen and hydrate your skin. 

Ceramides are waxy lipids that hold our skin cells in the uppermost layer together and they are naturally present in our skin. They form a barrier that locks in moisture and keeps all the goodness in while simultaneously creating a protective seal that keeps harmful environmental elements out. 

The ceramides in CloudCream™ are South Korean Ceramides NP and when used daily, help to repair the skin’s protective barrier.  

Hyaluronic Acid is a true Sculpted favourite and so we just had to add it to CloudCream™ ️ too. This super Hydrator replenishes and hydrates the skin while targeting fine lines and wrinkles. The best part.. it leaves the skin looking and feeling plump and refreshed. 

Shea Butter is what we added to CloudCream™️ to help nourish and soften the skin. Naturally moisturising, this Good-For-You ingredient acts as an anti-inflammatory to calm and soothe distressed skin and will not leave the skin with a greasy residue. 

If you love the science-y bit, check out our previous blog post where we highlight Our Top 5 Good-For-You Ingredients

The results are in.. 

CloudCream™️  has been clinically tested, dermatologically tested AND blind panel tested and the results truly speak for themselves. 

*Our blind panel test consisted of 60 people ranging from 18-80 years old, of all skin tones and skin types

- 98% agree the skin felt instantly more hydrated

- 95% agree that skin felt instantly smoother

- 92% agree that skin looks visibly hydrated after 2 weeks 

- 92% agree that skin looks visibly replenished 

Here's what one of our amazing ambassadors had to say:

It is like a cushion for the skin. It is absolutely packed with Ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid which my skin needs as it can become quite dehydrated. I love the glow you get using CloudCream™" - Karen, 54, United Kingdom

CloudCream™️ & your Skin Type

Dry/Sensitised Skin

We recommend using CloudCream™️ both morning and evening to replenish, soothe and repair the skin’s protective barrier. 

Normal Skin

You can use CloudCream™️ both day and night, you can use it just at night or you can use it as your last step in the morning before SPF. It comes down to your own preference and the level of moisture your skin needs.

Oily Skin

CloudCream™️ was specifically designed texture-wise with all skin types in mind. Although it’s richer than HydraGlo, it’s deliberately airy and lightweight to avoid a heavy feeling. Depending on your daily preference, you can apply this in the morning on its own/pre-makeup or choose to use it only at night to let it replenish the skin while you sleep.

Where does CloudCream™ fit into my skincare routine

CloudCream™️ nourishing ceramide moisturiser is the last step in your skincare routine. 

If applying at night, use it as the very last step before bed after your serums.  

If using it in the morning, CloudCream™ should be applied after HydraGlo (your hydrating serum) and just before SPF. You can then layer makeup on top and it should apply flawlessly. 

CloudCream and HydraGlo

And it's not just us that's a big fan of CloudCream™:

“CloudCream is lush!  It’s perfect for anyone with dehydrated or sensitised skin, particularly in these colder months. The ceramides in the formula help to repair and protect the skin barrier and lock in moisture. The texture is rich enough for an evening moisturiser, or you can use it in the morning if you like a dewy finish.” - Caroline Hirons, founder of Skin Rocks 


As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, our gorgeous CloudCream™ jars are also designed to be refilled. Simply lift out the inner tub when it’s empty and pop in a new CloudCream™ Refill

P.S. - don’t forget to collect your empty refill jars and send them back to us through our ReSculpted programme. 

As we are certified by Leaping Bunny, CloudCream™️ , like all of our other Sculpted products, is vegan and cruelty-free too.

CloudCream and CloudCream Refill

Where can I buy it?

You’ll find CloudCream™️ online at,, & Cloud10Beauty. 

If you prefer to shop in-store you’ll also find CloudCream™️  in our flagship Sculpted Store on Grafton Street, Boots Ireland Stores, Dunnes Stores, selected Brown Thomas stores, Arnotts and pharmacies nationwide.

Looking for your nearest Sculpted Stockist? Try our store locator HERE

Shop CloudCream™️ Today


€35 / £30 

CloudCream™️ Refill

€29 / £25 

Click here to read what others think about CloudCream™️ and if you’ve already tried it, tag us or pop us a DM on Instagram, we’d love to hear your thoughts. 

Lots of Good Skin Love,

Aimee & Team x