Q&A with Aimee - Love Story: The Bridal Collection

August 17, 2023

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Q&A with Aimee - Love Story: The Bridal Collection

To celebrate the launch of our NEW Love Story: The Collection, we sat down with CEO and Founder Aimee on all things Bridal, creating the collection and her wedding.

Love Story The Collection

What was the inspiration behind the Launch of your wedding collection?

I’ve always loved bridal makeup, I was a bridal artist for years working with hundreds of gorgeous faces of all ages and skin tones. I loved making people look good and feeling great and still do, so being able to capture that within this range is really lovely.

Do you have any bridal makeup do’s and don’ts?

I think when It’s your wedding day you want to feel amazing but you also want to feel like you. It’s not really the day to be experimenting with a brand new lippy colour or a super smokey eye if you tend to go quite natural or wear minimal makeup on a day to day. When you look back on your pictures in years to come you want your look to be timeless so I always suggest keeping it in the realms of what makes you feel like you, just a super special version of that.

Secondly, if you’re getting your makeup done, make sure you feel comfortable with your artist to advise if something feels too heavy or too light or you may want to make a change. It’s their job to make your feel amazing regardless of what shape or form that takes when it comes to your makeup. I always recommend having a trial with your artist too so that you can meet in advance and be sure that you’re happy and also give yourself time to test the look.

Have your top-up products with you or make sure your bridesmaid’s do. Wedding days are naturally super happy days when lots of friends and family are hugging/ kissing you to congratulate the lovely couple but this can also start to move the makeup. Or perhaps you’re getting married in a climate that is likely to be very warm and sweaty and so extra skin prep and touch ups for your makeup may be needed. Take a simple touch-up kit with you of some powder, lipstick and maybe a little concealer for example so that you feel refreshed for all of the pictures.

Do you have a favourite product in the collection?

Aimee with the Love Story Palette

That’s so hard to say because I essentially created a collection of items that I feel are perfect for all things bridal. I think the new Lips Duos, Love Story and Perfect Match, are particularly special because I know how beautiful the combinations are and also just how important that wedding day lip is after so many years of recommending different options to brides. I think these are timeless colours that will be part of makeup bags for many years to come.

Tell us about your skin prep, and pre-makeup! Do you have any tips and tricks for brides in the months, weeks, or days before?

I think lots of hydration, eating good food and I am a terrible person for it but prioritising sleep. A lot can be said for the basics without entering into a world of actives and acids but that said they can be great too. For me I have been really diligent with my skincare routine these past couple of months in the lead up to the big day. I never don’t remove my makeup at night and have consistently applied HydraGlo serum and my CloudCream moisturiser along with having a PRP treatment and profhilo to boost the glow and hydration. I’ve seen lots of glow from these.

Aimee doing Skin Prep

The question we all want the answer to! Please tell us what your makeup will be on the day?

Ooh it will be a lovely classic look. I love to do my own makeup and usually keep it quite simple so I think that you can expect the signature natural Sculpted glowy look with lots of healthy blush and a softly defined eye.. My favourite!

Why create these products?

I’ve always been synonymous with bridal makeup as it was my main focus whilst working as a makeup artist and I loved it. Nothing would ever beat that feeling when a bride looked in the mirror after I had finished her makeup or the confidence they would feel. It is a lot of the reason why I started my own brand.

Naturally, when I got engaged the first thing I thought ( and that our community requested!) was what products I would create to produce my perfect bridal look. I love developing products and am heavily involved in every idea and launch that we have so it was only natural that we curate a bespoke bridal collection that also brought in lots of our trusted makeup heroes already existing within the brand that are known for creating a gorgeous glowy look. There are so many memories and poignant moments associated with a wedding so why not go the extra mile and have the product journey feature alongside it as there is something so special and rewarding in creating product also.

Last Word

Love Story: The Collection is available now, exclusively on Sculptedbyaimee.com and Sculptedbyaimee.co.uk. If you happen to get your hands on the collection we would love to hear what you think, let us know over on our Instagram @sculptedbyaimee

Lots of love, 

Team Sculpted xx