How to Achieve the Ultimate Dewy Look

March 18, 2021

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How to Achieve the Ultimate Dewy Look
Models with dewy skin

Dewy Skin is always in and if you’re a Sculpted fan, you know we aren’t afraid of some glow! If you are die-hard matte lover, why not try changing things up with the seasons, and what better season to start something new in, than Spring? 

Dewy Skin is all about caring for your skin and nourishing it with ‘Good-For-You’ hydrating ingredients. Luckily, we have plenty of options at Sculpted to create a fresh glow, leaving your skin hydrated with plenty of dew.

Let’s chat about our Dewy Skin faves for creating the ultimate Dewy Look 

1. Serum 

One of the most important steps to creating a fresh and dewy look is making sure you have properly prepped your face for makeup application. After cleansing, apply a hydrating serum to lock in moisture and help to plump the skin.

Our lightweight and hydrating face serum, HydraGlo, is designed to deliver optimum hydration and improve overall skin health. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, which intensely hydrates the skin, Niacinamide, which targets pores and brightens the complexion,Ceramides, which help to hold skin cells together, preventing moisture loss and strengthening the skin's natural barriers, and Shea Butter, which works to condition, soothe, soften, and tone the skin.

Using HydraGlo ensures that your skin receives a daily healthy drink of everything it requires to keep hydrated and radiant. The perfect first step to a dewy look!

2. Lock in Moisture 

Beauty Base is our 3 in 1 primer that moisturises, hydrates and leaves a stunning glow on the skin. It also has a blurring effect which makes it perfect for ‘no makeup’ days as it leaves the skin looking radiant and polished.

It’s enriched with Hyaluronic Acid for hydration, skin conditioning peptides to plump the skin and it also has the added bonus of SPF30 for UVA & UVB protection.

Our Beauty Base range has grown, and we now have five finishes to choose from! For a glowy and radiant finish, we recommend either Beauty Base OriginalBeauty Base Pearl or Beauty Base Rose Golden. All three have all the same Good-For-You ingredients, the only difference is in the glow.

Beauty Base Original leaves a stunning golden glow on the skin, Beauty Base Pearl gives a more subtle, pearlised finish, and Beauty Base Rose Golden gives a beautiful subtle warm champagne gold glow. All three look great on all skin tones, so we recommend choosing based on your own personal preference! 

Beauty Base

3. Choose a Dewy Finish Foundation

A quick way to ensure you have the dewy skin of your dreams is to choose a foundation with a dewy finish. For this, of course we have to mention our beloved Second Skin Dewy.

This formula is perfect for those with normal to dry skin as it glides on and won’t stick to any dry patches or crease into any fine lines or wrinkles. 

Second Skin also protects with SPF50, hydrates with Hyaluronic Acid and it leaves the skin looking bright and radiant. 

Lavender oil helps to calm the skin while Aloe vera oil helps to soothe the skin, which makes it the perfect base product for anyone who experiences sensitive skin. 

It’s also hypoallergenic, Cruelty-Free and Mineral, meaning you can wear this everyday, completely guilt-free.

If you have naturally oily skin, you may want to stick with Second Skin Matte, but don’t worry, this has all the same benefits and will still leave the skin looking radiant, it’s just completely oil free!

To Apply:

We recommend our Complexion Duo Brush for a flawless application. 

Second Skin Application

Pump Second Skin directly onto your brush and apply in circular buffing motions all over the skin, making sure to leave no obvious lines. Second Skin Dewy naturally leaves a medium buildable coverage but you can customise the coverage to suit you.

For a lighter coverage look, mix one pump of Second Skin with one pump of Beauty Base together and apply. For a more medium coverage look, apply 1-2 pumps of Second Skin all over and allow it to work it’s magic.

For the fullest possible coverage apply 3-4 pumps, focusing the extra pumps on the areas you feel need a little more cover, or pair it with our Complete Cover Up Concealer to add more coverage where needed.  And while we are mentioning concealer, our Brighten Up Concealer brightens and hydrates the under eye area without sitting into any fine lines. It leaves the skin with the same kind of finish as Second Skin Dewy. 

4. Opt for Cream over Powder

Finishing your look with Cream or liquid products is a great way to emphasise your glow. Cream Products tend to melt into the skin a little more seamlessly and give the appearance of ‘Real Skin’.

Our Full Face Edit Radiance Palette is the perfect balance of three soft matte powders for bronze, blush and shadow and three silky creams for cheeks, lips and eyes. 

Full Face Radiance

It features our most loved Cream Tint and when applied to the apples of the cheeks it brings some healthy colour back to the skin. Pair this with Champagne Cream highlight on the tops of the cheekbones from the same Radiance palette for a healthy, glowing finish

Want to up the glow even further? Add your favourite shade of Liquid Lights on top, sit back and watch your skin dazzle!

Top Tip: Of Course, you can still use light amounts of powder on dewy skin, but product placement is the most important here. Aim to keep your cheeks the glowiest, and add a light touch of translucent powder to the t-zone area, sides of the nose and under the eyes to mattify if necessary. 

Our Velvet Veil Setting Powder is perfect for precise mattifying, and the loose formula leaves a silk smooth finish that never looks cakey. 

5. Hold it all in place

The last step for dewy skin is making sure it all stays in place. Luckily, we have Hydrate & Hold for that! Our makeup setting spray mist not only holds your makeup on for that little bit longer, but it also keeps the skin hydrated and glowing. 

Packed with Hyaluronic Acid, this is the spritz you need to refresh the skin throughout the day without disturbing your makeup. Centella Asiathica works to strengthen the skin’s barrier and prevent aging while lemon extract oil helps to control oil build up on the skin and reduce shine, which is what we need when wearing dewy skin to keep our glow in all the right places.

Hydrate and Hold

FYI - You don’t even need to be wearing makeup to use Hydrate & Hold, we love to spray it right before our serum also as prep, and you’ll rarely find any of the Sculpted Team without a bottle in their handbag, beside their bed or on their desks. We should warn you though, Hydrate & Hold may cause feelings of happiness, and totally lift your mood! 

That’s the lowdown on our Dewy Skin Favourites, we would love to hear yours!

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Lots of Love,

Aimee & Team xx