A Guide to the Sculpted By Aimee Complexion Family..

May 30, 2023

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A Guide to the Sculpted By Aimee Complexion Family..

Our Sculpted By Aimee complexion family has grown once again, and so, we thought it would be the perfect time to break down our complexion range for you, in the hopes we help you to find your perfect match.

Complexion products from Sculpted

If it’s just some shade guidance you are looking for, you can always try our Shade Finder Quiz, this will ask you a couple of questions and in just 90 seconds will match you to your perfect foundation base and shade. However, if you’re a little like us and you like to know exactly what you’re putting on your skin, this blog may be just what you need.

So, let’s start with our newest member of the Sculpted family and our lightest coverage - HydraTint


HydraTint is a sheer moisturising serum made with 90% skincare ingredients to marry makeup and skincare together. It’s perfect for those no-makeup makeup days, for when you’re just popping out to the gym, to the shops and for those who love a light base, it’s the perfect everyday makeup base.

Good-For-You with ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid to boost hydration, Centella Asiatica water to calm the skin, Vitamin E to nourish and heal, SPF20 for broad spectrum protection, and peptides and ceramides to strengthen the skin’s barrier and boost skin integrity.

HydraTint is available in 20 flexible shades and provides a barely there, buildable sheer coverage to the skin that leaves a soft, natural matte finish.

Top Tip to apply:


Apply with your fingers to blend into the skin just like you would any skincare serum for a sheer natural finish or use our complexion duo brush and some Satin Silk concealer to build on coverage.

Next up, a true Sculpted favourite, Tint & Glow

Tint & Glow

Tint & Glow is a lightweight tinted moisturiser/ skin enhancer designed to even out the skin tone. It’s a step up from HydraTint in coverage as it adds a light buildable coverage to the skin, whereas HydraTint adds a barely there skin tint. Tint & Glow, as the name suggests also gives a gorgeous glowing finish. Suitable for all skin types, but normal to dry skin especially love this one.

Good For You with ingredients like hyaluronic acid for long-lasting hydration, Niacinamide as an antioxidant to brighten the skin, carrot root extract for blue light protection and SPF30 to protect against UVA & UVB rays.

Tint & Glow is available in 20 flexible shades and is your go-to for a light, dewy base. It’s suitable to wear every day or perfect as your holiday skin base to let your skin breathe.

Top Tip to apply: 

Apply like a moisturiser all over the skin using your hands, this gives a sheer natural finish, or use a Complexion Duo Brush to build up coverage by pressing into the skin.

Find your Tint & Glow shade in our Shade Finder Menu HERE.

Tint & Glow

Next is our first-ever complexion product and still a must-have is anyone’s makeup bag, Second Skin

Second Skin

Second Skin is a medium buildable coverage, mineral foundation available in two finishes, Matte and Dewy.

Our Second Skin Matte leaves a soft matte, yet radiant finish on the skin and is oil-free, perfect for normal to oily skin.

Our Second Skin Dewy leaves a fresh, glowing finish to the skin and is perfect for normal to dry skin types.

Both finishes are packed with Good-For-You ingredients like hyaluronic acid for hydration, aloe vera extract to calm the skin and SPF50 for broad-spectrum protection against UVA & UVB rays.

Second Skin is available in 30 shades and is perfect for those who like to wear some coverage or the freedom to customise their finish to suit their skin type, it evens out the skin with a healthy radiance while still feeling lightweight on the skin.

Top Tip to apply: 

We love to apply this one with our Complexion Duo brush or Foundation Duo brush. Blend into the skin in circular motions for a natural finish or press into the skin to build up coverage.

Second Skin Foundation

And last but most certainly not least, our highest coverage foundation, Satin Silk

Satin Silk

Satin Silk is a high-coverage, long-wearing foundation with no SPF that is designed for events, nights out or for those who just love that extra bit of coverage. Talc free,Good for You with ingredients like hyaluronic acid to keep the skin hydrated, niacinamide to brighten the skin and act as an antioxidant and vitamin E to calm and soothe the skin.

Satin Silk is available in 30 shades and leaves a natural satin finish on the skin, meaning it’s neither matte or dewy, it sits in between and just looks like flawless skin.

Top Tip to apply: 

Using our Stippling Duo Brush, blend Satin Silk into the skin in circular motions. If you desire even more coverage try adding our Satin Silk concealer to the areas that need it.

Satin Silk Foundation

So there you have it, our Sculpted complexion family. We’re confident to say that we now have a foundation base to suit everyone, with every coverage level and every skin type in mind. Find your perfect shade here and of course if you have any questions, pop us a DM over on @sculptedbyaimee Instagram, the team would be happy to help.

Lots of good skin love,

Aimee & Team x

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