5 of my Fave Body Tans!

May 28, 2019

3 minutes Read

5 of my Fave Body Tans!


It's tanning season (when is it not for us Irish gals!) so I wanted to put together five of my favourite body tans and the reasons why I'm a fan! 


Vitaliberata Body Blur 

This is a really nice instant tan. It has a built in shimmer so it adds a level of radiance that I love. I prefer wearing this over a tan that has already developed, or if it’s on day two or three of wearing a developing tan and it’s slightly fading I’d pop some of the body blur over it. I personally don’t like wearing body blur from scratch as I find the colour is a lot stronger with a good base tan underneath it, and it just gives the body a gorgeous glow! 


Bellamianta Dark Lotion 

I really like the bellamianta dark lotion, this is really easy to apply, it dries in very quicky and it gives a really deep, dark colour. This one also fades really well. This is the tanning brand I’ve probably used for the longest over the years, ever since it launched and I just think it’s a lovely tan, and a real go to tan when I want a deeper colour. 

 Bare by Vogue Dark Foam 

l love this foam, it’s actually really soft and dries quickly on the skin, it develops into a lovely dark shade similar to the bellamianta tan. I also really like the branding of their packaging of their bottles which is really random but I love the colours and the colour coding which I think is really effective and just really pretty! I also really like the pump, again, random but probably coming from creating products myself!! The dark is definitely dark enough for me because I’m very fair and I like a deep tan but I think the Ultra Dark Foam would be too dark for me!!

B Perfect Strawberry 

This is a limited edition and it just smells lovely! This is so easy to apply. It also gives a gorgeous shade. I find it’s slightly not as dark as bellamianta but it’s still a gorgeous shade. (BTW this isn’t a negative it’s just something I’ve noticed on my own skin!!) This is from the same brand that do 10 second tan and it fades really evenly as long as I have my skin prepped (as with all tans!)

Bondi Sands Liquid Foam 

Again, this is a foamy texture, which I really like because they are quick drying. They can be slightly drying with overuse but they are my preference. I think this is a really nice dark shade, it’s definitely not as dark as Bellamianta and Bare by Vogue, which isn’t a negative thing it’s just a fact! It’s a great tan if you don’t like your tan too dark and they also have ultra dark shades if you’re looking for something deeper. It also comes in a very generous sized bottle so it lasts for ages which is great!



I've also put together some top tips on prepping your skin before tan and how to make it last longer which you can find here! Hope this helps! 

Lots of love, 

Aimee xx