Top Tips On Picking Your Blush!

February 17, 2019

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Top Tips On Picking Your Blush!

Hello again,

In this blog post I'm going to be going through the different coloured blushers available in my Sculpted line and how you can decide what type of blush is for you. There is genuinely a blusher out there to suit every complexion. From creating this line I found there were so many people who were either terrified of colour and thought that it wouldn't suit them, or just didn't know what colour would suit them so I'm going to give the run down on our three main line blushers and Pink Swoon from our Limited Edition Pre-Filled Palette. * If you're unsure on how best to apply your blush make sure to check out my other blog here *

Pink Swoon

This is our newest blusher that is not available in our main line. You can only get this if you own our Limited Edition Pre-filled Palette. This is a pink based sheen blusher and it has a lovely highlight in it, so if you like that dewy look or if you like almost a cream blush texture this is ideal. I've applied this onto my apples, after my highlight so it all feeds through together. This is lovely if you like shine and a pinky undertone to your blusher. Perfect for all eye colours particularly green eyes as it's in the colour family of red so will really make your eyes shine!

Pure Peach

This is your matte blush that I deliberately put into the collection to suit those who don't love a blusher look. There are lots of us that say 'oh no I've enough redness underneath as it is' or 'I'm red enough naturally as the day goes on I don't need blusher'. But you do still need blusher!!

What I would suggest is - to fix your redness using a colour corrector or a concealer while you're doing your foundation, and then add in your 'fake' colour, later on, i.e your blush because that's where you're going to give yourself a lift and a bit of youth & radiance.

Pure Peach is a matte peachy shade. So what matte means is that there's no shine, no sheen, it's just 100% of that dry texture. This is lovely if you feel like highlight is enough and you don't need anymore sheen through your blusher. And it's also nice as it's a peachy undertone so it will continue that bronzed look if you don't want that very rosy finish on your cheeks! Brilliant for all eye colours but particularly brown & blue and it can also double up as a gorgeous eyeshadow!

Pinky Hues

This is your classic soft pink blush. It looks a lot stronger in the pan than what it does on the face. It's slightly speckled so it's not necessarily a sheen but it does add a little extra dimension to it. This is perfect if you like that classic soft pink bridal look. Pinky Hues is actually a very popular bridal shade! Goes with all eye colours but particularly green!

Sunset Sheen

This is the exact same texture as Pink Swoon but it's a peachier based blush. It does have a little pink running through it but it's predominantly peach. It has that lovely glow so if you like that ultra highlight look pop it on after, it will continue that sheen into the apple's of the cheeks and give you, even more, lift and radiance. Sunset Sheen is brilliant for all eye colours but particularly blue and brown.

So I hope that was helpful to see them individually and get a feel of what one might suit you best? Here's another look at them side by side so you can see the different finishes too.

Don't forget for some top tips on the placement of blusher check out our blog here!

Let me know if you have any other questions - happy to help!

Lots of love,

Aimee xx