Get The Look - The Dublin Masterclass Edit

March 06, 2019

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Get The Look - The Dublin Masterclass Edit


We said goodbye to January blues with our first masterclass of the year in Dublin! Don’t worry we have two more coming up, we’ll be in Limerick on February 7th and Cork on March 3rd! If you’d like more info on these events you can check them out here

A big thanks to everyone who came out to join us last night, we know the weather was horrible but we hope we made up for it with some lovely goodies and makeup tips and tricks!

So I wanted to give a quick run through on the gorgeous Ciara and her look last night. This is the more natural look of the two that I created so we hope you like it!



For Ciara’s base I used the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in shade 40 beige. This is actually a lovely shade to wear with tan. I love how lightweight this foundation is, the texture is so smooth and it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. It’s almost like a second skin resulting in a lovely natural and glowing finish. To build up coverage I used the NARS Complete Concealer in shade custard. This is a lovely soft matte concealer which is high in coverage but also oil free so it really blurs and camouflages imperfections, again without looking too heavy and just giving a lovely flawless finish.



I used the Sculpted Custom Edition Palette for my contour and blush. For Ciara’s more natural look I used Medium Bronze and the Sculpted Double Ended brush to work the colour into where the cheekbone meets the ear and brought it outwards along the bone. The beauty of this is that if you want the look to be more contoured you can just go back in and build up the bronze lightly using your brush. I also lightly applied a dusting of bronze along the hairline and down the sides of the nose.

For Ciara’s highlight I used Cream Champagne and popped this along the tips of the cheekbones and around the temple in a V shape, using my ring finger to blend lightly so as not to move the foundation beneath! Add a pop of this down the centre of the nose and along the cupids go and you will be glowing! This is perfect for a natural look because it nearly mimics the skin tone.



You all know I’m a big advocate of blusher! Funnily enough last night I got some questions from a couple of fabulous older ladies who were wondering if they should be wearing blusher ‘for their age’ - Yes you should! Everyone should be wearing blusher and there is a colour out there to suit everyone! Blusher really is that finishing touch and brings colour and youthfulness back to the complexion. I used Pure Peach from the Custom Edition Palette on Ciara and the Setter Brush from the Sculpted range. I like using an angled brush as I like to bring the blush back slightly to blend into the contour.


I’m a big fan of doubling up products and the great thing about the Custom Edition is that you can use the products for different makeup looks. I’ve used the medium bronze all over the lid using the Buffer from the Essentials Brush Set. Following this I’ve used Charlotte Tilbury Stars in their Eyes Palette to add definition. I popped the light gold from the Power Eyes trio onto the lid.

I’ve popped a little Golden Glow Powder Highlight onto the tear duct to brighten the eyes and finished with Benefit They’re Real Mascara! Ciara already has lovely full brows so I used Benefit Gimme Brow in Shade 4.


You’ll see Ciara has some nice lash line definition and that was very easily created using The Max Factor Brown kohl pencil! Super easy & affordable.  


On Ciara’s lips I wanted to create a really nude lip especially because the look was all about golds and peaches. I used Bare from the Nude Edition Lip Quad and lightly filled in the lip so that the colour was more prominent. I popped Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink on top which overall just gave the look a lovely bronzed nude tone, while still enhancing all of Ciara’s different features.

I loved doing Ciara’s makeup and really loved the look, which was so easily achieved.

Hope you found this helpful,


Lot’s of love,

Aimee xx