Banish January Blues With These Lovely And Inexpensive Treats For The Soul!

February 17, 2019

4 minutes Read

Banish January Blues With These Lovely And Inexpensive Treats For The Soul!

Hello Lovelies,

Does anybody else feel like this month is just dragging on? It's still pitch dark when we are waking up and the same when we are going home, the New Year buzz is well and truly over and we've just realised - maybe we actually like watching Netflix in our PJs - Guilt Free!! So we've put together some lovely 'me time' treats for the soul to get us through January and make us all feel a little better until payday!

Watch Courtney Smith's new mini series 'Behind the Seams' showcasing the best of Irish Fashion around the world. I watched the first episode of this over the weekend and it was just amazing to see such talent and grace from our designers dotted around the globe. Courtney visits London and New York interviewing the likes of Orlagh and Henrietta from RIXO and Don O'Neill of Theia who recently dressed Meghan Markle - OMG!! Courtney's interviewing style is on point too so if you've any questions about how to get involved in the fashion industry you will learn loads here! You can check this out here.


Listen to Caroline Foran's new 'Owning It' Podcast launched last week too and is available on Spotify. Caroline's honest and 'bullshit free' approach to living with anxiety is one of the most informal and down to earth approaches of talking about this topic that we just have to commend her! I think we all go through phases in our lives of feeling like this and we just love Caroline's way of speaking about it. The first episode goes through Caroline's own story and we can't wait for the next episode where Caroline begins to go through how you can 'Own It'!!

Walk around Dublin (that is if you're based here and if not store this for when you are!) - Grab a tea or coffee, a couple of friends, and take a stroll around any of Dublin's lovely parks - we have Stephen's Green to Merrion Square and if you're really feeling like a long stroll in Phoenix Park. Or head out to Dun Laoghaire or Sandymount if you prefer to walk by the sea. The Sandymount has a lovely long option which is perfect for a really long catch & you won't be breaking the bank but still spending quality time with your besties.

Watch Sex Education on Netflix! Ok in fairness Netflix has released some top binge-worthy shows recently, I think the majority of us watched YOU in one or two sittings, the documentary on Fyre Festival was just astounding and well worth the watch - but if you want something a bit more lighthearted Sex Education is just great! Not alone is it really funny but it's completely heartwarming too, we won't give anything away but it really does make you think - we loved it! We might actually do a top watched list of Netflix if that's something you'd like? Let us know!

Add to cart - This is kind of going against the point of this blog but let me explain - You don't need to actually make a purchase but I love looking at new styles and can't wait for the Spring Summer edits to be in full flow! Having a look around stores online gives you lots of inspiration as to trends you like and you can spend hours filling and unwilling your cart. And at least you'll know by payday which items you actually want or not :)

Read I'm Watching You by Teresa O Driscoll. We all know I love a good thriller and that compiles most of my Netflix - this is my most recent finish and it was definitely a page-turner. If you're looking for something a little more sentimental the classic One Day will always be on my mind or Only Child is quite a new book and I was bawling!!

Facemask and chill - it's the little things right?! There's nothing like that feeling of really clean skin and then popping some goodness on top for 20 mins! Our faves are the Seoulista range which is all under €10 and they have something for everyone. If you feel you need a blast of hydration (this weather will do that to the best of us!) or want something calming for minor breakouts and redness, you'll find it in this range.

Sculpted Masterclass - What better way to finish off your January than a Sculpted Masterclass! Our first one takes place on January 31st in the Radisson Blu Golden Lane but we've got two more coming up - we'll be in the Strand Hotel Limerick on Thursday the 7th Feb and The Montenotte Hotel Cork on Sunday, March 3rd!

We've got goodie bags ready to go and I'll be going through two makeup looks on the night from start to finish and answering all your makeup queries on the evening! It's the perfect girly evening and well deserved after surviving the longest month EVER!! Limited seating left but you can find information here.

So we hope that these little things will help you make your way through January - we're all in this together!! We'd love to hear what your go-to treats for the soul are too!

Lot's of love,

Aimee xx