Will I have to pay customs on my order?

Due to new regulations, orders going to Britain may require customs to be paid. If you have any trouble with this please contact our team at

Should you apply your cream or powder highlighter first?

When applying both make sure to apply your cream highlighter first and then the powder on top. This acts a lovely base to make the powder stand out even more .

How should you apply the cream highlighter?

You should apply in a light tapping motion on the tips of the cheekbones, Cupid’s bow and centre of the nose. Using your finger instead of a brush will help to melt it into the skin and make it look more natural.

Do I need to apply the cream and powder highlighters together?

It is whatever you prefer. Some apply one or the other and some apply the two. Just bear in mind that if you're applying both to start with the cream first.

Am I okay to apply cream highlighter if I have set my face?

Yes, you should use your setting powder as normal after your foundation is applied and then apply your cream highlighter after your face is set. Your cream highlighter doesn't need to be set with your translucent powder as it’s supposed to stand out.

Am I too old for highlighter?

No! Highlighter is complimentary for all ages and skin types once applied correctly. Cream highlighters are the ideal consistency particularly on a more mature skin type because they give the skin radiance and texture.

Will highlighter emphasise my fine lines?

If you're conscious of fine lines a cream highlighter is better to give the skin radiance. However you can also use your powder highlighter just be mindful not to apply it on the areas that you don't want to draw attention too.

How do I stop my lipstick bleeding?

Applying a lip liner all onto the lips or even all over them will help the longevity and precision of your lipstick.

I have oily skin, can I still use a highlighter?

Yes you can of course. With an oily skin you should set the areas you need to such as t zone etc with your powder. Your highlighter then goes on areas such as the tips of the cheekbones to add light and radiance, this is separate to oils.

What side of the Double Ended Brush is for what?

The thicker end of the double ended brush applies your bronzer and blusher if you want to. The tapered end or in the other words the slimmer side is used to apply your powder highlight.

What were the shades in your original sculpted palette (the black packaging)?

Shades Medium Bronze, Champagne Cream & Golden Glow are the shades from the original black palette trio and are now in rectangle refill sizes.

What were the shades in your old rose gold sculpted palette?

Shades Light Bronze, Pearl Pop & Rose Gold Glow are the shades from the old rose gold palette trio and are now in rectangle refill sizes.

Do I need to buy one Bronzer, Cream, Powder Highlighter & Blush or can I choose to mix?

When you refill your own palette it is totally your choice on what four pans you fill it with, they can be all of the same one if you want.

How can I tell what pans are for me?

When creating this range Aimee made sure to create shades that were suitable for all preferences and skin types so really it comes down to preference. However we do have tips on how to pick pans suited to you here.

How do I know what blusher is for me?

We have three main blushers to choose from. If you like a subtle pink tone then we recommend to go for Pinky Hues. This comes out nice and soft for a lovely flushed look. If you like your blush to have a glow in a pink/peach finish then Sunset Sheen is the best shade for you. Then for anyone who is scared of blusher and doesn't like that rosy look, Pure Peach is ideal. It’s a matte peach tone so there is no additional sheen or glow with it just a pure coloured blush.

How do I know what bronzer is for me?

We have three main bronzers to choose from. If you are fair skinned or if you like your contour to be lighter then go for Light Bronze. If you wear a bit of tan or like a stronger contour then Medium Bronze is for you. If you wear a dark tan or love a warmer look on the skin, Deep Bronze is for you.

How do I know what cream highlight is for me?

Cream highlight is a much softer glow and is ideal for all skin types and ages. If you like your skin to look bright and for the highlight to be obvious Pearl Pop is perfect. If you prefer a more natural glow then Champagne Cream is for you. This is similar to skin tone so it gives a radiant finish without being too obvious. If you like a soft golden tone then Golden Hue is the cream highlight for you.

How do I know what powder highlight is for me?

We have three main powder highlights to choose from, similar to the cream highlight. Opal Glow is a light frosted glow which is ideal if you like a bright and radiant skin. Rose Gold Glow is more of a champagne colour if you prefer your highlighter to have that pinkier undertone. Golden Glow is perfect if you like your highlight to be golden or if you’re wearing a darker tan.

How long does shipping take?

Orders within Ireland are delivered within 1-2 working days. Orders in the UK are delivered within 2 working days. Orders within Europe are delivered within 3-4 working days and international orders within 5-8 working days.

If I got the wrong colour can I return it?

Once the product is in its package and sealed it can be fully refunded or exchanged within the 30 days of receipt.

Are deposits for courses refundable?

Deposits for masterclasses and course payments are non refundable but may be transferred if applicable.

Is your brand Cruelty Free?

Yes, we are proud to be 100% cruelty free and paraben free. We are working towards becoming 100% vegan along with addressing recyclable packaging alternatives too.

What does a primer do?

A primer is a base that you apply before makeup that keeps the makeup on for longer and helps to give it a nicer finish by prepping the skin for makeup.

Does Beauty Base have broad spectrum SPF?

Yes, Beauty Base contains a mineral broad spectrum protection meaning that it protects you against UVA & UVB rays.

Is Beauty Base safe to use when pregnant?

Yes, Beauty Base contains a mineral broad spectrum protection meaning that it protects you against UVA & UVB rays.

Is Beauty Base comedogenic?

No Beauty Base is non comedogenic.

Is Beauty Base suitable for sensitive skins?

Beauty Base is suitable for all skin types however every sensitive skin is different. We have trialled it on lots of sensitive skins and haven’t had any negative feedback but we have a tester of it with each stand in our stockists that you could try from first.

Is Beauty Base suitable for oily skin types?

Absolutely! Beauty Base is designed to be your SPF, primer and luminous base all in one. If you are conscious of applying a luminous base on the areas where you may get shiny (typically the t-zone) then apply Beauty Base all over the face except for this area. You will find however that it absorbs in really well to the skin and given it has the SPF content it mattifies without losing the glow.

Is Beauty Base suitable for a mature skin?

Of course! Beauty Base is made with all skin types, tones and ages in mind. It is for everyone to enjoy!

Does Beauty Base cause flashback given it contains SPF30?

No that's the beauty of it! You can protect your skin and not worry about the casper-like flash back. We have a blog all about this which you can find here.

Can you wear Beauty Base on its own?

Yes you can wear Beauty Base on bare skin if you're not looking for coverage and just want to have your SPF on with a radiant finish. Alternatively you can wear it under your makeup to prepare the skin for it or you can mix it into your makeup if you wanted to lighten the coverage and apply it quicker.

Do you need to wear moisturiser with Beauty Base?

We recommend that you continue your moisturiser as usual if you need a lot of hydration. Every skin is different to some wear Beauty Base on its own under makeup and feel fine and then some like to apply it over their moisturiser before makeup so that they get the extra hydration.

Where can I buy Sculpted?

Sculpted is available here on our website, on The Loop duty free and pharmacies nationwide in Ireland with more exciting stockists to be announced.

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