What's in Aimee's Makeup Bag?

September 15, 2020

3 minutes Read

What's in Aimee's Makeup Bag?

It’s the blog you’ve all been waiting for..what is in our girl boss’ Makeup Bag.

Aimee loves sticking to her essentials and the easiest things she can throw into her handbag, whether it’s to bring to the office or gym on the go. We love to see what Sculpted products everyone loves to have in their makeup bags, so let’s rummage through Aimee’s and see what her favourite face wears are.

Beauty Base Pearl

Aimee likes to start her day with none other than our three in one moisturizing Beauty Base Pearl.

Beauty Base Pearl has a special place in Aimee’s heart and is like her child, along with all of her other products! Both her Beauty Base’s really kick started the brand and it’s a staple piece in her collection.

With SPF30 and UVA protection, it instantly boosts the skin and gives a gorgeous, pinky hue to the skin. Aimee loves to mix it in with one or two pumps of Second Skin and she feels it instantly makes her skin look better.

Second Skin

Aimee cannot forget to include her beloved Second Skin. She spent so long designing her famous foundation she can’t help but love it. (We don’t blame her, it’s the best!)

Second Skin was a big deal for Sculpted when it first launched. Her first foundation was a full coverage mineral foundation with SPF50 and no talc. It really did set the standards! It really is such a success for Sculpted and it warms Aimee’s heart to see all your lovely comments about how much everyone loves it!

Aimee’s a big fan of a radiant, dewy complexion and her favourite shade is Medium Plus Dewy 4.5. It’s the perfect colour for a tan and has such a beautiful yellow undertone finish. It’s best applied with our Buffer Brush which really works it into the skin and the two are a perfect combination together for gorgeous looking skin.

Full Face Edit Golden Highlights Palette

Next on Aimee’s list is our all inclusive Full Face Edit Golden Highlights Palette. 

Aimee’s goal with this palette was to have everything you need under one pink lid, and it LITERALLY has everything you could ever need. Whether you’re an on-the-go type of person and are as busy as Aimee is, or in need of a full glam look, the Full Face Edit has got you covered.

It contains our Medium Matte bronzer, Golden Glow highlighter, Pink Peony blush, a matte brown shadow and our all time favourite Cream Tint blush. Aimee loves to pop this onto the apples of her cheeks and lips for a touch of colour to her skin. The matte brown shadow is perfect for a subtle smokey eye and a sweep of highlighter onto the top of the cheekbones gives you the perfect amount of glow.


Tan Twin Lip Duo

Last but not least, Aimee’s go-to Lip Duo is Tan Twin. We understand that it can be a struggle to know what combination of lip liner and lipstick work best together. Thankfully, Aimee came up with the idea of creating these unique components with a liner and lipstick in one. (We know- she’s a genius).

Tan Twin has a lovely peachy undertone to it and the warm brown liner really compliments any skin tone. It’s the ideal nude lip and whether you’re wearing it for day time or heading out, Tan Twin is effortlessly easy and will suit any look.



Some extra products that Aimee loves to include in her makeup bag is the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. It’s such a versatile product and great to have especially as the Winter months approach for that extra bit of moisture and protection. Aimee also loves Benefit Gimme Brow for a bit of volume to the brows and it looks so natural. It’s also a massive time-saver since Aimee is constantly on the run!

What Sculpted products have you in your Makeup Bag? Let us know @Sculptedbyaimee x