Mask Heroes: What products to wear to beat that Maskne!

August 17, 2020

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Mask Heroes: What products to wear to beat that Maskne!

Not even the trendiest of masks can help us to combat Maskne, which is why our skin care and makeup routines now need some re-evaluation! We won’t stop wearing our masks, but we will ensure we will give our skin its best chance whilst wearing them! 

 Sowhat products can we use to soothe our stressed-out skin? We like to call these products our Mask Heroes. Our 3 skin-saving products not only aim to nourish your skin, but also to maintain that natural glow even beneath your mask.  

Bronze Base

First up is Bronze Base. Here at Sculpted, Bronze Base is our go-to product for a natural sun-kissed glow, but with the added bonus of not transferring onto your maskIt also hydrates the skin as it enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E to keep the skin nourished. Whether you’re fair-skinned or prefer a darker tan, Bronze Base will never look too orange, clog your pores and fades away gradually without sticking to your dry patches caused by your Mask. You can tell why it is a central component of our Mask Heroes!



Beauty Base

Next up we have our award-winning Beauty Base.  We love Beauty Base for that all-year-round glow, even under your mask! Wearing a mask for an 8-hour shift can be harsh on your skin. That’s why we love Beauty Base to condition the skin with the aid of peptides. Even under a mask, you need your daily SPF intake. Thanks to Beauty Base, it can be used as a daily hydrating moisturiser & SPF to cut down on using too many products before your mask.  


Hydrate & Hold

Last but not least, we can’t forget our fabulous Hydrate & Hold facial spray. We love to use Hydrate & Hold for a burst of hydration before applying your mask! The heat and dampness of your mask creates an ideal environment for bacteria to germinate, that’s why the lemon extract helps to control oil build up on the skin, which can lead to breakouts. We love to use Hydrate & Hold each time we remove our masks to refresh, replenish and rehydrate our skin! 


Some extra tips:

Keep in mind is to try wear a 100% cotton mask that is washable and reusable! 

We also love to use a Salicylic Acid when used gently on areas of breakouts. Its a great acid to dry them up and help to prevent a further spread.

And it goes without saying that if you're wearing makeup daily that mineral makeup is the way to go. Our Second Skin has you covered there!


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