5 Easy Tips for Dewy Skin

August 17, 2020

3 minutes Read

5 Easy Tips for Dewy Skin

Dewy Skin is a must for Summer 2020 (even if you are sitting at home!)The secret to your skin appearing dewy is hydration. We all know drinking plenty of water is important, but the products we add directly to the skin can have a dramatic impact on the moisture content of our skin. If the barrier mechanism of your skin does not work as it should, it won’t hold on well to this internal hydration! 

We understand that a dewy skin look can be daunting. Dewy skin can give you a fresh, youthful appearance but overdoing it can make you look like you just ran a 10k. That’s why we believe our products will help you create the perfect dewy skin look, without the overpowering shine! 

Beauty Base

To achieve that ‘glass skin’ look, you need to make sure your base is well prepped. 

We like to prep the skin with our Beauty Base Primer. It’s basically a moisturizer, primer and SPF saviour all in one, so it’s bound to give you an all-over radiance boost, thanks to the peptides enriched within.


Second Skin Dewy Foundation

Now that you’ve got your base, it’s time to go in with your foundation. Of coursewe have to go with our Second Skin Dewy Foundation. Our 100% Mineral Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid is formulated for dry skin and is made specifically to give you a natural, healthy glow to the skin. And the best thing about it? No Flashback! We recommend applying it with our all-time favourite Buffer Brush, or even a sponge to absorb any excess product and add that extra bit of moisture.


Cream Products

If you want to take your dewiness to the next level, we like to add a cream blush and highlight into the mix. Cream products tend to appear more natural than powder products, and won’t give you the dreaded ‘cake-face’ appearance. 

We have so many to choose from! Pearl Pop is the lightest of our cream highlights and is perfect if you prefer your highlight to really stand out. It appears iridescent on the skin and suits us fairer gals but also those who tan, so it’s a win-win situation. We adore our Cream Blush from our Full-Face Edit PaletteIt blends so seamlessly into the skin, and makes you look like you just sat in the sun for a few hours since us Irish don’t get enough rays. You can never go wrong with a bit of blush to really spice up any makeup look! 


Hydrate & Hold

To finish off the look and to add a finishing touch to really get your glow on, we can’t forget our beloved Hydrate & Hold facial spray to lock everything into placeYou may be concerned that a Setting Spray will make you look a bit too shiny. Thanks to the Lemon Extract, this will help control the oilyness and shine of your skin, so there’s no need to worry about outshining anyone! 

If you’re a matte addict like some of us, why not step out of your comfort zone and try add a bit of glow to your makeup routine? Add a bit of gloss to the lips and you’re good to go! With just 5 of our Sculpted products, you can achieve effortless and flawless dewy skin without the hassle. It’s that simple! 

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